Monday, October 16, 2006

Raya Student Nostalgic 1978-1984- Vol 2

**Yes,that's the beauty of being a student.Trouble and worry free.From Left to Right:Scottish Steve,Iqbal(South Africa)Kamal Khan(Pakistan),Long John Simon(Eng)Anna Fardingo(Portugal)Rozy(M'sia),Caroline Hawthrope.Taken on Urban Renewal Comparative Planning Study Tour with City of Amsterdam 1984.

**It all started 32 years ago,1974 to be precise.Taken 1977 on a school field trip.

**same as anywhere,girls does the studying the boys does the thinking!

**I suppose like any student era,there will always be flockers.(Mat Ampit)

**I suppose other places means of travelling differs from one another.Zee's campus mates,crusing on a tongkang.God knows where they were heading.

**Rayas on the Road with Daud 1984.If Iam not mistaken somewhere near Bois France.

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