Monday, October 16, 2006

Raya Student Nostalgic 1978-1984- Vol 1

**Arwah Gaffar,Yours Truely,Carlo Italian neighbour and Rozan taken University Village,Old Kent Road 1981.

**Nor Light the Star.Taken Raya Haji trip to Hasting 1883

**Rommel Sidek and Daud where are you man?

**First Winter Raya 1980 with house mate Eja.She's doing very well indeed now.

**Yes,Julian Rota my flat buddy,Eddy and Ely my neighbour at 10,Westbourne Park Villa,W9 London.Taken at Rayas B-B-Q 1984.Eddy your African word of wisdom still do apply today man!

**A small gathering at Oxford with Jamal,Meor Me,Daud and a few of Jamal's neighbours,Raya's 1983 Oxford.Jamal is quite a think tank at Oxford U now so I hear.Meor operated his Akitek firm with MAA last I hear.Daud,yes mamak where are you?


Totally Depleted said...

Whoa, mamak! I remember that trip to Hastings. Those were the days, eh? Yeah, I I vaguely remember that girl, too! *ROTFL*

Pak Tuo said...

Yes Mamak,

hmmm.she's the lady oh..oh.oh
She the lady,she's the lady and the lady was mine.(Tom Jones mamak,didn't she.

Salam Adil Fitri Mamak.Be seeing yeah.


cashflow said...

Salam, Pak Tuo.

I know someone named Rommel Sidek, but not sure whether he's the one in picture with Daud.


Al Khalifah said...

Hey Pak Tuo! Bump into yr blog and I noticed familiar face that I knew.
Rommel used to be my roommate at Illinois, USA. I knew he was in UK b4 that. He was doing MBA back then. I left to LA California few yrs later and I met Rommel at LA in 1990/1989 if not mistaken..That was the last time I met him. Cool dude !

Pak Tuo said...

Salam Khalif,

ahhh..yes good man Almarhum Rommel Sidik.He pass away peacefully in Beijing China about a year ago after a majot liver transplant.He pass away after the compilacaton of the operation.

Jes,a quest Khalif,do we share the same Alumini?

Thanks for the visit.

Al Khalifah said...

A very gloomy day indeed when I heard the news yesterday. I'm of diff alumni but me and arwah hang out a lot during those days...I wonder what ever happened to arwah's buddies at US i.e. Korong ( Rafiq ), Hamid, Nyamok, Jap, Jay ( Rizal ), Raja, Mamak, Mudjun, etc...never heard of them ever since I left LA for good back in 1991 / 92.

Pak Tuo said...

Salam again Khalif,

Yes,almarhum Rommel was with me sharing a flat in London before his off to the US.At Baywater and Balham.We lost tourch since 1983.He flew to the US via KUL then.Yes,we and a few others shared a lot in common.I'm not of the ANSARAIAN Soromban but I hang alot with his batch.
I haven had a slight idea where Rizal is coz then Rizal was in US and Rommel in UK.All the name mention I havent had a clue,only those of his MRSM Soromban buddies.
Recieved a phone call,saying he was at Ampang Putri Hospital.He stayed a while in Cali working at the Silicon Valley and was spear head to lead Jaring.Net,when it was decided to be privitised by MIMOS.He came back accepting the CEO post and 6 mths later hospilalise due to liver complication.I wish a have the family address.When I was inform of his dismiss in Beijing due to liver transplant operation.I phone his wife in Bejing offering if I could be of any help esp.on Customs cargo clearence.Seems all were in order.The body flown home and buried at Pusara Bukit Kiara.Left 2 growing up children.I did not get the oppurtunity to attend the funeral.
As for his brother Rizal.He is on one of the Main Board.I am not such which one.and personnally I haven't met Rizal,myself.
Yes,Rommel he has a good heart.And very warmth and truthfull friendship.Very well thought deep in my heart.

Wassalam Khalif.

Pak Tuo said...

p/s :
My quest on the alummi,was because,one of my Sec.Sch.Allumi also has a page call Khalifah and he is a Col. with our ATM.I thought it he was you.Soory about that.