Saturday, October 07, 2006

10 People I Knew who doesn't practice Poligami - a ticker thought

1. My father in law - a man !

2. My Papa & in Jak with 10 children - yes ......a BIG YES !

3. My Bang Long - maaaaaaaaaan !

4. My papa - smooth guy...many years of marriage with the only child.Full Moon Guy.
My other papa even with 3 disable children yet with full force maintain as
sole bread winner and still going strong even have to work at 60.

5. My Uda & Uni ....hmmm my love and devotion

6. My Atuk Alym.Temenggong Pakeh .....remain a bachelor till death depart

7. My Alym.Tok Ngah - Loving and Caring.Well remember for his badminton jumping smash at 65 years of age.

8. My adap teacher - Alym.Tuan Hj.Ibrahim Bongek

9. My saksi on my nikah - Alym.Tuan Hj.Manan

10. off course........... My AYAH.....yours truly.

the List could go on
yes benda tu Halal but.........

Al Fatihah to my beloved one.


Lollies said...

is that the little you in the photo? your mum as well?

really realy nice kebaya.

Pak Tuo said...

Salam lollies,

no it my late granny Syaan.

Its nice of you dropping by,Thanks dear

Salam to family.Happay Ramadan

ruby said...

Hi Pak Tuo,

Interesting. You can list 10 and you have more to list that is amazing.

You said,
'1. My father in law - a man!' Pak Tuo blog lah about him. let us know the fine man that he is. That would be great to share.

I agree with Lollies, that picture, that kebaya is gorgeous, maklum kebaya is back a hit now with women.

Tumpang lalu, Lollies baju raya jom pakai kebaya..ha ha ha. Sorry Pak Tuo saja nak bersembang lebih here. Salam.

Pak Tuo said...

Yes Ruby Dear,

hmm..that is quite a thought dear,and I will.Insyallah.

Baju Kebaya back in the hit again .I loves the Kebaya Ramping.Particulary the motif bunga-bunga yang timbul-timbul tu.Gerai Cik Ros in Melaka used to be at Bazaar Mara RiverSide before it was demolished, do have good collection.Erman her son designs the motifs pretty good.
Hand stiches.Give me a shout if you need his number.

Thanks dear.Glad could help.

Kak Teh said...

great list you have there pak tuo! anyway tumpang lalu, I have always loved kebayas! was known as kebaya girl throughout college but now - Ruby and Lollies can still fit into theirs. My lovely kebayas are now worn by my two girls. Long live kebaya!

Pak Tuo said...

lah..Kak Teh,

Thanks Kak Teh for dropping by,
yes yes.. Kebaya kena pulak dengan High Hills 'Farragamo' dengan kelengkapannya hmm....weeee ..wit...
siul panjang Kak Teh..

Tersenyum dibuatnya.Anyway dah berbuka dah?


blossom said...

poligami halal yes.

actually if done by the right man, I'm ok with that. the responsibilities that comes with poligami is tinggi.. not just for fun


Pak Tuo said...

salam Blossom,

yes...,its mind boggling topic with no ending but I'm firm with the understanding as per cited in Sura Al Maidah ayat 8 as a guiding pace.

Insyallah you'll be guided.