Monday, October 09, 2006

A Minang Joke

I bet as any social group there plentyfull of jokes, witty one I mean to explain the social fabric of the society.
Yes I am 'Minang Murtad' but I am able to understand the conversation pretty well.
When I was growing up when arwah atuk converse to me in his thick minang accent I will aswer in Malay.

It happens to me now.
Two of my nephews are in London grew up there.They specks English as any English does with a slight accent.
Every time I phone I will conversed in Malay but he would answer me in English.
Lah.... terkena kat batang hidung sendiri sekarang.

Anyway back to a minang joke..see this guy complaining to his friend,

'keceliak mato..karajo..karajo hingapan malam
omak den kabari,apo karajo,
ni lallui mato karjo hingapan malam.
goyang..goyang kaki den kapiti sanggag diurang.

kapulang karumah si padusi manyo bara
piti bawok pulang.he......lah sipadusi kaceriak dilabur hai.

Its a joke about the gender domination of women over men in the society of 'Adat Perpatih'.

Well,bloggers you have to have that minang time frame to caught the hilarious meaning.

Anyway do share with me any joke about any anything from various race craddle.I do need any jokeor antedotes from Boyan,Jawa Pekat,Madura,Batak,Siam,Betawi and mind you, Betawi has awesome good jokes,Always about Pak Kiai or abot Pak Kiai Batawi pergi or pulang aji,even tha late Alahyarham Benjamin S himself a Betawian is as good as Bob Hope.His stand up comedy is class.Wish Aflin Shyki could pick up.
Anyone whom wishes to share, the line is open.
Ileave my email open and all are welcome.

Alfatiha to Allayarhama Seha.Such a pity her cute little daughter is alone this Hari Raya so do all the anak yatim piatu all over the world.Spare a thought to them is a noble practice.

Once a tickel thought wrote 'I love myself better when I laugh'.

Selamat berbuka.


ruby ahmad said...
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ruby said...

Hi Pak Tuo,

You ada minang blood ke? Anyway memang I tak faham that language. Women domination in the Minang community is still felt till today, not all though. I don't think it is kinda right though. Ya lah, it is only adat kan. How about you? What's your opinion on that women domination in Adat Perpateh?

Selamat berbuka.
p/s that was me up there.

dirmas said...

Pak Tuo, manang karabau juo... hahahaha aden minang tapi minang murtad hahahaha lagi sekali... dari gombak balabauh siko... ipoh

Pak Tuo said...

Salam Ruby,

Yes ayah a full blodded Minang Ibu a Bugis.So do others 13 bros and sis scatted inter married a Jawa,Sunda Solo,Batak,Kadazan Dusun and Indian.
Once we caught each other Ibu's house will turn to an ASEAN Mini Submmit.

I did wrote something about minang in the November 2005 archieves and interesing web page would be

Re: as per gender issue well,as iam no good with book keeping i let teh mum handle it so do ayah as far as I know ayah so I suppose I follow the precedent.I think it is better that way personnely.
As for who dominate who is not a question for me.

As for the minang male,they are an adventourous lot.You will find minang Town in Amsterdam,Rotterdam,De Hague or any Holland similar to China Town any way in Soho or New York.
Brave buisness anchor man,the fact proven in Indonessian Community.
Hard working and very creative lot.In Bukit Tinggi my acestorial village not a sinfle land not cultivated with something productive.Very particular about time consious and highly schorally interlectual community.
So they say without the anchorman of Hatta,Agus Salim,Shahril,HAMKA,Sheikh Sulaiman Rasulu,Sukarnao is helpless.

Yes,i i wish our community is a brave,industious and hard working as the minang .

Wassalam Ruby.Thank for dropping by

Lailatul Qadar Ru...dig it we will find it.

Pak Tuo said...

Salam Dirmas,

salam Perkenalan dirmas,


"Pittuah kamakah barajo ka mamak.Mamak barajo ka panghulu.Panghulu barajo ka mufakat"

Kama balabuah kok kek karumah..Insyallah

bangkai said...

Rombau sarombau rombau... pakuang sodo alah he

Baikua misai santiang?

pak tuo said...

Wannang siko mengaliliang.Bero santing padisi Bangkai!

Pak Tuo
28 Ramadan 1429H