Saturday, December 31, 2005

Story From The Street

Small......Big......Small.....Big.......Small Big!!!!!!!

Here in Malaysia small or big is refered to as a weekly lottery ticket bought over the any 4-digit Magnum out let.The minimun bet is RM1.00 and if your prediction of the 4 digits hit the jack-pot you stand a chances of winning I think its between $1,000.It depend on the amount of bets one bet to the prediction number.Does you believe the binary interlocking numbers.The lotto are drawn on that principle.

Malaysian has weird ways in betting particular some vodooo to strikes the winning numbers.Some goes to the extend of offering sprities for the predicted winning numbers.Some even goes to the extend of sleeping at the grave yard in hoping to get the winning number.
They believe or rather what ever we belief that the good sprite of the dead soul will inform the person via dreams that he is giving the winning number.How weird I find it.
How unlogical human can be.
However that is what they believe and we just has to respect what one belives..
To some, winning is everything and the only thing.To some, we win some we loss some.To some they are always the losser.
Some how, I find out that it is an honour to loss with dignity.
Head are held up and all we could say,
I strive and earn what ever I deserve and if faith take its toll that I am suppose to win or loss,so be it!

Sizes doesn't matter.Matter most is the whether the purpose of using it.
I am refering to the recent trend in town of small nice looking bike made in China.It is a battery operated motor bike of 50cc in capacity.Well fancy cruising on a 50cc Harley Davison "Fat Boy" version or speedy Motoguzzi.Not the original one of course but the small petit bike.
I must say it looks rather sleekly and tempting to have one.Another added adult toys.Toys meant for adult.Are we adult??
Open out our bags we could find all kind of gaggets named it I-pod, hand-phone,cam,v-tec,some I don't even know the usaged of those toys.
It's another human satement and to know a person whether a person is cool or not is by judging
what one uses in his everyday living.HP what HP,camera what camera,i-Pod what i-Pod
Weird???but it is true.Click here camera there.

When Alexender G. Bell first invented telephone his precedent speech to his assistent was "Hello...
thus hell......oooooo makes the unversal word to mankind.Heaven above Hell below.
He didn't say shoo.........I believe if he uses the word shoot,I believe shoot....will become the unversal vocabuary to mankind.However,todays telephone or HP we has in our pocket of anyway, fill with added enhance performance, the standard opening conversation should be shooot instead of Hell......oooooooooo!!!!!

Toys will always be toys to us.It is the usage not being used!!!!!

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