Thursday, December 15, 2005

From Hippy to Yuppy

What a world without a job!.

I passes that stage.
It over and done with.
Upon reflashing back my thought it remind me of my nephew, freshly graduate with ACCA qualification.On my recommendation he got his first sting as qualifies "Yuppy"after a year doing odd jobs.

With a bright smile he came,thanking me for the "red-hot"phone linking him to the post offered.It's a proper prospective,reponsive and reasonable well paid with a proper accounting consultancy in town.Off course he's happy.The pay is good,"young turks " came scouting."I'm young,free and single,I want to minggle with you beb" something like that words from the old Whiney Huston drumming up at any uptown joints in the 80's.Been there,seen it,bought it, love it,leave it,eat it,drink it you name it."Young turks" will be knocking at your door steps and phone keep busting particularly on Friday evening." me,what are doing over the weekend..."that was the template conversation.
Knowinging full well you need to be at your mum door step for kenduri arwah father you but....
chicks been chick they want to minggle beb!!! Astafirulliah Hal Azim....sentiasa beb.

Back to my nephew posting.Before his designation to the post I have a word with him regarding his new found wealth.
Being my pet nephew I gentally but firmly advise and rules to be obeyed.

1."look.....each and every one "eye to eye"

2. in an adult working life "back stabbing is normal"

3.finally......"get a proper good leather shoes"

All the best.He is doing well ahead.
Last I heard he is heading the firm in the RnD.

It's all in your hand and mind.

We work with our hand and feet not with our mouth!!!!

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