Thursday, December 22, 2005

Buya H.M.Nur AlRasuli

Dearest Papa,

Wow.......ages catches us fast.I was in Jakarta over the weekend.It was short visit,the main reasons is my dearest Papa whom is my idol ever since my childhood has to undergo a by-pass surgery.
He is 76.Jakarta has always been my 2nd.home every hook ' n' corner of Kedoya is back of my mind.
Yes my "asli" is Bukit Tinggi Sumatera Barat.The family tree branches from there.It was arwah atok Pakeh immgrated to Malaka as (atok pronounce Malacca as MaaaLaaKaa. with a thick minang accent)
In matter of faith and facts,atok is not the economic immgrants as todays most migrantes.He was sentence to excile by the Dutch Authorities for his refusal to compromise with the Dutch Colonisation.He was one of the "Pejuang Bangsa" under the banner of the Sharikat Islam far before Sukarno leads PNI.Together with his late father Sheikh Sulamai AlRasuli Candung,Agus Salim,Buya Hamka's and the Minangkabaui clan fought till their last breath for the proclamation of Indonesia Raya.

As faith has it tail,atok small part in the making of Independence Indonesia was abandone when he was sentence to excile in Malacca the one time empire of the Malay world.This was way back in the 20's.Atok was newly wed to arwah nenek Sayan, my beloved nenek,pass away when I was 8 years old.From that marriage they were bless with 4 children Ibu Emma the eldest,ayah my dad,om and antie.They to immgrated to Malacca except antie born in Malaysia follow suite atok after being excile a few years.All was educated in an English school.Mind you atok sending her eldest daughter Ibu Emma to Durian Daun English Girls School when most malay parents refuse to send their daughters to school fearing their sons or daughter would become a christian convert.Sush was the mentality of the Malays then.
I reckon atok being rasional and coming from a well educated and aristocrate family in Bukit Tinggi,in social status is address as Datok Pado Sakti Nan ALun and Temenggong Pakih.Even the family school which was been set by my moyang Sheikh Sulaiman AlRasuli still in existence in Candung ,Bukit Tinggi.dare to challenge the beggot mentality of the Malays at that particular era.

Living in excile means has to work and feed the family,atok make a living till he past away in 1983 by making songkok and capal.The master craft of the traditional head wear and sandal.The craft died with him and none of us cucu took the effort to master the craft.He love his shop at Kampong Jawa to the extend every single day the shop is open for buisness except the time the went to performed his Haj in 1974 or visiting Ibu Emma in Jakarta of kapulang Kampung.He remain bachelor till he past away.Back for Kedai atok will teache us and few other fellow kamponrian Koran from maghrib till isyak.He was well look up at by the orang-orang kampong being the wise of the clad. be continue

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