Monday, December 26, 2005

The Minang Connection

The "MINANG CONNECTION" aka France Connection 1 & 2

Well.......well, after the post mortem on Yasmin's "Sepet",
how very true the facts which are hidden and swept under the carpet all this years.
We are the lazy lot,unimaginative,unproductive,under achivers and most of all the bricking among us are stabbing and the bitching and clonning and many more.....are destroying us and laid a bad example to our juniors.

Copy the Minang "a good living example where hard working strive and bravery persist.Recorded history documented.that they are the pioneers and captain of the industry in all sector.
In field of education the name HAMKA,Agus Salim,Sheikh Sulaiman AlRasuli Candung,Hatta unanymous,failling to quote them means
you would fail in your history lesson.
In buisness go to Selayang,Gombak.Tampin,Chow Kit see them working day and night.Great risk taker and able sales man and women.
"Piti nun sikit dibawo pulang buek isteri di kampuang"
litery translate :"the little money is sent home for the wife and family.'

We need mentor and social mobiliser like Yasmin.
U-Wei.please stop day dreaming there is a line between cost effective and avant-grand but you are good.I am looking forward for Aflin Shuki's golden tourch,which he has.
Free art is at cost.All we need is a good script writer.
"Cara pengolahan bahasa dengan intonasi yang betul"(right methodology in speech intonation and proper usage of the language)

FINAS..............lessen the web scab of the industry.Let set the momento.Less politic could do.After all it merely a film, no moral judgement needed.
The whole idea is to get people to see and feel QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT and not some scum bag spitting in public gallary.

As Anite Brooker mention "...not until we learn the art of writing ,we would not be able to understand what we are writing"
It is some thing like writing with a cause not rebel without a cause!.

Again worklah MELAYU...................................AND WORK!!!!!!!!

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