Friday, December 30, 2005

Tok Wak and Awah Mak

Date.....What Date..............?
Another year another resolution!
Hmmm....another dairy....what non sense!!!! I can't remember anyone whom keep his dairy to the maximum filled with memos and important notes.
Who ever told you either his or her diary is full with squibble written in it is a " LIAR!"
Name it,high ranking officers,Prof,sales man,sales top management,lawyers or bloggers, most of our own personnel dairy is empty.
All we did perhaps was,jotting down our mum phone number for s.o.s reasons.
Some of us goes fanatically collecting diaries before new year.
At the end of the day the old collectable dairies would be left in dust.
However,let me tell you a real gentalman whom keep his diary full,each single day.
This is not a "bluff", he did and piles of the dairies is still stored away at my late grand mums attic.

My late grand father "Tok Wak" that is my mums dad.
Wow.....what a strict disciplinarian he is.All my mums sibling remembered the lesson well.
He being the Principle Head Inspector of Schools in Malacca my home town, knows him for the"No Nonsense" approach.Till now people remember"Cikgu Dollah Puchong"(Cikgu=teacher)Puchong was his nick name.Puchong is a bird similar to a swan.Long neck and long legs.
That is how my late grand dad looks like.Well built with long legs and long neck.The name stuck till this days,way pass his death in 1992 at 92.
The school teacher who plays the violin,not concerto on Bach Em off couse but simple tune to fill his time and an instrument to brings joy to the family.
Simple tune may be "Tudung Periok" or"Grand Dad,Duke of York".
To be honest I never had the chance to hear him playing.
According to my late grand mum ledgend he is quite a player.Use to play at
'Kenduri kawin' or at 'Mandi Safar'ie. something like the wedding reception or a local carnival celeberation the Muslim month of Safar.A teacher whom is the state champion in Billarda old hen on Keroncong.Keroncong is similar to the reaggae beat or perhaps the Hawaian music except it is a bit decent.

His diary is fill from 1952 till his weak hands began to trumble in early 1990.No joke,he still write till his last breath.Not a novel or anything inparticular important in nature but notes of what his children gave him,his children school fees reminder,notes on any kenduri (party)of families members,my late grandma doctors appointment,her due payment to the grocries shop or simple jotting of his daily spending expenditure.Yes triffty.
Off course he has to, being the bread winner with 10 schooling children, he has to be triffty.

Yes in the old days the credit system exist on trust.Now every single item is "CASH"
However it facinates me his passion and that still strikes me of what an extraordinary gentalmen,a low profiler in the society and yet kept his words and built relation on trust,and maintance his fine tuning with the family well,he is.I being the witness.
How many of us still do?

That is what I call "QUALITY "of a man.

Specking of "Zen The Art of Motor Cycle Maintance" I found this phrase to share with you bloggers...!

Lastely Happy New 2006,don't count the years just count the cries!!!!!

from Zen......'quality are internal and external aspects of the same thing.A person who sees Quality and feels it as he works,is a person who cares.A person who cares about what he sees and does,is a person whom is bound to have some characteristic of Quality....

And I say..........Iya.....


Hj.Abdullah Hj.Md.Salleh and Hjh.Aminah Hj.Jamal