Sunday, January 01, 2006

First Day to BHES 1966

I supposed everyone remember one first day in school
I think?
Its liked remembering the very first day of the year and every year we celebrated it.
Comes tomorrow paper with the headline, babies born on the new year.Take any newspaper in the world will be the same headlines.
Baby born,new year revellers,caught redhand live on new year I am sure ophs......some would never forgets they looses their v.... on the new year.
I saw in Oprah show some years back, Rod Steward was invited to her show.
There was this lady admmit, she lost her's after spending night out
listening to Rod's 'First Cut Is the Deepest'. what a story ....

Well,back to the story board,

Mum enroll me to school B.H.E.S (Bandar Hilir English School) for my elementary education.
We had roti canai for breakfast,no such thing as cornflake for breakfast!!!Mum a working lady,got no time.
We marched thru' the school gate, holding tight her hands, before living the school compound and leaving me in the care of Mrs.Bala.

My goodness, I can even remember the good samaratian Mrs.Bala.

I supposed just like the southern legand band my all time fellowci Lynnard Skynnard name from Mr.Leonard Skinner the weird physic teacher.
I bet Allen Collin,Ed and Ronnie Van Zent would have a say about this if they were still alive!!!!!

Before depart mum firm words was......

"mie....didunia ini tidak ada tempat untuk orang yang tidak bersekolah......."
I can't translate what it means but let me assured you it hits me till today at 45 going 46.
That is for sure.

Back to the New Year revellers and resolution forget about if you are still 'talking the walk' or
are 'you talk the talk' or 'talk the walk'?

I took the walk to the Ibu Thein Memorial Meuseum while I was in Jakarta last 2 weeks.
To those whom does not know who Ibu Thein is,well....she's meet her lord.
She was the first lady of Indonesia.Everone knows the history.

Stepping into the gallery,a gallery full with presents, presented to her while she was the first lady by Head of States.
My oh my......the collection
there is this massive big huge tree I reckon its Meranti or chengal,a size of a badminton court,a height a guess of at least 50 feet or more being on display.
The very least the age of the tree is 100 years old.
The amazing thing is the tree was dug deep and it roots are still hanging and left dry for the artistic effect.

The tree branches are left to natural dried.The miracle of the tree is, someone or rather a group of master craftmen was commission to crave the epic of Ramayana and Mahabrata on the tree trunk.
Yes....full story epic of the Hindu epic story on a tree trunk varnish to absolute perfect craft and presented to the late Ibu Thein as a present for X'mas. Wow.................stepping out of the gallary,reminds me of my mums firm advise on the first day in school .....
"didunia ini tidak ada tempat untuk orang yang tidak bersekolah".

The master craft who crafted that piece of epic,did really goes to school,
and school he does and no 'University' in this world would dare to challenge his ability on his
skills,patience,preserverence,deternimation on his mastercraftmenship.

But what wonder me most is why chopped down a tree to give the first lady a X'mas present????
Is that an ego trip by the giver?The taker would gladly accepts it!
It is not polite not to accept a present given but I am sure the tree hurts when it was curved
and every body looking that dammed tree.
Might be his soul would crave out loud,
'.......look at me I'm no fool no more than you do?

I say.............Free Birdddddddd..........................

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