Tuesday, January 31, 2006

How To Beat A Bully

How To Beat A Bully.

Have u heard the joke 0f Saydina Umar r.a.
It is like this,everyone knows how serious he was when executing and discharing his duties as a caliph.'there was a annual sports meet between kabilah during his reign,all the kabilah took part coming from various islamic nation.He arrive as guest of honor, sitting next to him was Khalid Ibni AlWalid.
Upon seeing group of men on the sight, there was one massively built masculine man from Hafshahi ie.Sryia now.
Big,black massively huge as to compare to his size.Something like the size of Badang I suppose.
Turning to Khalid Ibni Walid his brother in arms,Syadina Umar asked him
"..Khalid is that huge blackman, god is the same as my god........"
The question raise rouses among those presence.
Being the serious Khalifah witnessing and observing in detail the personality of his subject his comment had had everyone laughing
in stiches.Knowing fully well Omar is one hell of a no nonsense amir.

Yes my man,congratulation...face it.
Islam is ilm'alhaq over ilm'alyakin and ilm an'nas.
Look every one eye to eye and you will win. Insyallah.

Quoting Zora NealeHurston
"I love myself the most when I am laughing."


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