Monday, January 02, 2006

Good Old Monkey

Let's Mate..............Hmmmm.........

Ho...lal..lal (Laugh and Laugh) as suppose to lol (laugh out loud).If I may I would add another word to it (lolac)(laugh out loud and clear). What's in the head line the begining of 2006.I suppose "no news is a good news"
But wait a minute,there is one catches my eyes this morning in The Malay Mail which reads,

"....Let Mate.A Five years old bride Melly and seven years old groom Bima,
orang utans from Borneo were married in a Javanese wedding ceremony at
Taman Safari in Pasuruan,East Java yesterday.The pretend wedding was held to help
the pair produce an offspring.Wild population of orang utans are under severe
threat from habitat loss,illegal logging,fire and poaching".

Well.......all I can say..the least some of Charles Darwins theory on rare spices
and population density was right!

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