Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jom Naik Haji Tahun Ini Mr.President Obama !!

Jom naik Haji tahun ini Mr.President!!

Tag along our Prime Minister Najib and bring along the 2 MB's from our silver state and the Sultan as well

Hey,Mr.President did you know your step grand mum and uncle are going too this year ?

Here's the link.

I wanna go for the 2nd.time, Ya Alah.

Pray for peace Mr.

Money is dry man !!


Eskapisminda said...

Oh. Yahudi-yahudi itu sudah susah hati...

Al-Manar said...

Pak Tuo
I am not in the least surprised if you choose to say that you and Obama are linked somewhere. Say I am right!
Salaam from Pak Cik

Pak Tuo said...


Rabbi-rabbi tu makin khyusuk berdoa.

Pak Chik,

hehehe....least it a wishful thinking.Like 9/11 or Acheh Tsumanisiapa sangka dunia bergelora.
Kun Faya Kun ya mu'alim.

Thanks for dropping by.