Friday, May 22, 2009

Extra Ordinary Abilities ....hmmmm ya ke YAA ??

yeap......they do have the abilities,Counselor Tuan Hj. !!! Here's the NEWS. Fast decision .... YAA? Very wise indeed.

See how agressive the new generation could be YAA ?
Probablly,Yang Arif need a to find the real grassroots youth thought.

This is what the legal terminology the 'Inquistorial Legal System' I reckon.
Another appeal I wonder ?
Could you unshackle the schackles Yang Arif ?
All the Law student at all Law Faculty is observing the decision YAA !!

Another legal question Yang Arif?
Can the monach be impreach for wrongful decison made in his official duty.
Yes,as at it is now ,the answer is 'NO' according to our law.

BUT,Yang Arif,what if in the future, the err is so grave while executing His Mejestic official duty and it caused a great hardship to the citizen?
Probably,a new obitar on such an issue need to be address for future reference,YAA.

If,and only if the law said other wise,what would the remedy be?
For acedemic reasoning,history been refresh
King Edward V111
abdicate his throne for the love of Mrs.Wallis Simpson.
A gentlemen act indeed.

You the Wise one YAA.

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