Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Day a Bit !!!

hmmmmm...a bit smiling faces.

Right....roger and what next ?

The law application was right Yang Arif.

Appeal,you may but till when will this game ends ?

Fresh Election the only answer.

The rakyat need to work lah YB?

And counselor Dato,pemakaian bahasa sewaktu ditemu bual oleh pemberita bukan 'beliau' tetapi harus merujuk kepada 'Pekenan Baginda'.

Gunakan bahasa yang betul Dato Counselor,tidak tertib merujuk Tuanku sebagai 'Beliau'

Adap Dato Counselor,adap !!

One of the subject and am sure all in the legal fractinity uphold is 'Legal Etiquette' inparticular in the language usage either in English or in Malay.

'Ladies glow'
'Gentleman prespire'
'Only horses sweat'

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