Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This is no laughing matter !

I recieved a suprising mail containing some probably trail exam paper of our STPM boys.I have to edit the identity of the candidate and the good school from being drag to a major issue.
It was a while ago I wrote a short sinopsis on the topic.Heres the link

However,let me remind you the answer script does not come from my former alma,but that doesn't means there is none on the discovery channel !!
Be aware of that,Cikgu pleased !!

I am speechless,stunt by the write up answer script.
Yes,it was hilarious.
Probably,the exam was held on the April Fool's Day.
I leave it to the benefit of the doubt.
The exam paper was Sejarah (History).

The Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia(STPM) or HSC/STP during my days was the last bastallion before one enroll to a university or start a working adult life.
The paper consist of 2 paper.
Sejarah 2,that is History of Asia Tenggara ,Jepun and India and History 4 consists of Sejarah Islam dan Sejarah Islam di Malaysia or a student could opt.for Sejarah 3 thats European History.

A student has to pass both paper with a minimum C to obtain a principle pass.

Go ahead have a good laugh.
This is a real answer script from our Sixth Form boys back home down south.
As far as I could recall,getting a place in the Sixth Form in a fully govenment school are based on the over all SPM examination.and a student must perform reasonably well to be selected to be in the Sith Form. come there's an odd one in the class ?
I find it amusing and thought provoking.
Check,Recheck or rebounce.

Take it as a good rememberence of the yester years I reckon.
Me,I'm no perfect on my examination answer either.

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Eskapisminda said...

LOL. OK. Sorry. LOL.
I laughed because as a story what the person wrote was funny.
But this is purposely done and the person is smart aka creative. Probably a lazy one who does not study or who for some reason couldn't be bothered with exams or even STPM itself.

Pak Tuo said...

yeap,I wonder how the teacher feel when having such a student.Does it reflected the teachers failure to monitor the student lazyness?

I could understand if the answer comes from a Form 1 or 2 student but not an Upper Sixer's.

Futher,some of the composition given to Form 1,2,3 hmmmm... some are of heavy topic.
Eg.Apa pendapat anda tentang penggunaan Bahasa Inggeris sebagai Bahasa pengantar disekolah-sekolah?

Heavy question for our kids, dont you think so?

Al-Manar said...

Pak Tuo

It is lighted-hearted and refreshing.

Adam said...

Thank You Tuan.Indeed,it is.

Anonymous said...

i dapat sejarah A- IN STPM..HEHE

Adam said...

Tahniah Annon,but grading bukan penentunya.
Yang pasti,adakah ilmu yang diperolehi dapat dimunafaatkan oleh manusia.

Pak Tuo

Ms Hazel said...

but i think the answer script is from St. Francis Institution,Malacca. (no offence, but clearly can be seen from the script)
Feel sorry for that particular boys & the institution.

Adam said...

hmmmm...indeed Hazel,
Feel soory for for his parents too.
Thanxs you for the visit.

Pak Tuo

Ms Hazel said...

no sweat!
thanx to my coursemate,Fahmy for sharing the link! TC

Pak Tu said...

Welcome dear,

How was your LAP this year interesting?
All the best for the coming sem.

Pak Tuo

Ms Hazel said...

LAP is just ok. trying to grab every bits of skills & procedures. Tomorrow's gonna b the last day.
Hallelujah! :)
Thanks for ur concern Pak Tuo.