Wednesday, April 15, 2009

There is Hope !!! yes,there is 1-Malaysia !!

Y.A.A Dato Gopal Sri Ram.
Yes.....yes some fundamental judgement absolutely agreed upon.
Tan Teck Seng v Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Pendidikan,Rama Chandran,Sugumaran Bala Krishna,was the classic example your fine sound judgement,sir.
The extended version of the late Lord Denning.
Your fine defination, on our Article 5 of our Federal Constitution tourches our heart sir,however,your superior learned brothers, said otherwise.

Any chanches to unschackle the shackle sir?

Will be waiting in tense on your new land mak decision.
Pleased sir, extend your service at the pleasure of our Mejesty The King.
All in the name of 1-Malaysia.

Y.A.A Dato Hj.Hishamuddin Md.Yunus.

Sir,how I do look forward your brave and able to call a spade a spade.
I cherish your judgement and study with great depth your decision on Jesus Jamaluddin case and many more.

The 'Legal Robin Hood ' if I may call it.
You are our savior to the path for reconstruction on our judiciary independency,Yang Arif.

As per in judgement of Raja Azlan Shah C.J (as he was then) in DBKL v Sri Lembah Enterprise,

'...unfettered discretion is a contradiction in terms...Every legal power must have legal limits,otherwise there is dictatorship...'

The road for legal reconstruction is well on the way.

Bravo.At least the is some hope.Insyallah.

Dont rock it only drift and rake it,Yang Arif.!!

Bravo to Judicial Leader.


[danial][ma] said...

hej! Pak Tuo...hope so but with the SPRM & Police, a lot of efforts are still needed to make ONEMalaysia an average joe, i don't have much hope and just keep myself from trouble...

Pak Tuo said...

Yes,Danial...hmmmm.....lets leave it to the benefits of the doubt.
I pray for the better you,so thus you and all of you could breath a better fresh air that us.
Keep the sprite alive for a better fish and chips.It taste better with an pinch of salt.

Pak Tuo

Anonymous said...

biar lambat asal selamat pak..hehe. whatever delay defeat justice.

Pak Tuo said...


hmmm...yes it does but the question is was the delay intentionally been done?
Thus I believe justice not only
'to be done but ought to be seen to be done.'

Thanks for dropping by.