Monday, April 20, 2009

My 2 Able Young Ladies and Two Able Young Man.

Aimi Dear

When the going gets tough,the tough gets going'.
We can pleased people sometimes but not all the time.
Yeap,when we are in the acedemic world and far away from home,all sort of consideration came across our mind.
Be in command.
You are one brave young lady and I am proud of you.
Your consistent and determination since wee lad,shows the quality in you.
We love you and pray for your success.
Stay focus.


Focus,focus and focus.Keep the violin in tune.
SPM 2010.
hmmmmmmmmm.......Physic,Add Maths and Bio pleased.
Medical Fac.pleased.

You're almost there!!
Sharp,witty and be kind to fellow human.
Look each and everyone,eye to eye.!!
Dalam dunia kerjaya 'tikam dari belakang perkara biasa' !!.
Tabah dan pasrah.
Finally,get the most expensive leather shoes,pleased !.
Locke or Berret is a good pair.
It represent character.

Your 'A' Level pleased.
Good Architecture School are really demanding.
There is always hope with determination,effort and persistency.

Papa loves you all.


Anonymous said...

Pak Tuo,
Your children are very lucky to have a thoughtful father like you. I am sure they will try their best in their studies.

pak tuo said...


They are my only hope.

Thanks for the visit mum.

Al-Manar said...

I wonder what my parents ever wanted me to be in life. They would never understand what SPM, O or A level, or a degree meant. But I know for sure they wanted me to be a good Muslim - and they are always in my heart with my love and prayers; and so is my wish and prayers for my children and theirs.Hope your prayers are answered.

Pak Tuo said...

Salam Pak Chik,

Al.Fatiha to your late mother.I am pretty sure he is proud of you.I understood those who were slected to go abroad in the 50's or 60's are cream dela cream.
Over the years,and after the introduction of NEP,scholarship was easy for young Malaysian then.Yes,they must have the mark but not as stingent as now.Average a 1st.grader with 20 agget.would do then.
I believe,we should go back to the old ways.Only the best deserve and should be for all.
In Melaka in 1925,only one Malay student got a Senior Cambridge with a first.
The first Malay medical Dr. from Malacca graduated with the same batch with our TMM.
Mother,is not a graduate but she would ensure all of us deserve better oppunity then her.
I reckon,same goes all Loveable mother in the world.

'Manusia merancang,Allah jua yang menentukan,Tuan'.


Thanks for the visit