Monday, November 24, 2008

Red Alert -Up Yours Spamers

I recieved a spam mail notifiying me wining hell lot of cash something like 420,000Pound Sterling.
It look genuine from a reputable brand name.
I check it out and phone straight to its HQ in Croydon England.
Yes,its a hoax.
The letter look genuine.

It doesnt meant I haven't win anything via the net.Some are genuine.
Recently I won a Lee Oscar Harmonic Blues harp via a competition held by Micheal Picket
It was before Raya and sure does a pleasent Raya's present for me.
Its tone is magnifico !

Thank You Micheal.


Here have a look at it content :


Good day: ..........

Compliment of the season to you ........., we receieved your mail and treated as followed, On behalf of Nestle Foods Plc, we hereby congratulate you on the forth going Online Sweepstakes International Program held here in united kingdom.

You have being approved to claims the sums of £420,000.00 Pounds. This is to encourage our prominent fans all over the world, we appreciate your supports and concerns over our product worldwide. However, You'll be required to provide the listed particulars for onward processing and vetting approval of your winning cheque in your name.

Good luck from the entire staffs of Nestle Food PLC Promotions.

Please Note That you are to send the below Information in Section A & B

Required to claim your winning prize:

Section A.

1.Full Name:___________________________
3.Age:_____________ Sex:________________
6.State of Origin:____________________

Section B.

Payment Information. select a means of payment that is convenient for you

(A). Bank Transfer
(B). Courier Company House Delivery

Mode of Delivery:________________________

Please Note: Your winning must be claimed not later than

David Bynum. ©
Nestle Food PLC 2008
Good Food, Good Life


If any of you recieved the chain forward it to

Hey Mr Spamers,

Up yours Mate !!!

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