Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Angel Voices

My Sweet Angel Voice.
According to ranking.

1. Fairuz
2.The late Eva Cassidy
3.Laura Fygi
4.Ricky Lee Jones

5.Umm Kalthum

Ummi Kalthum,the legendary Egyptian Singer whom able to make the the street of Cairo stand still during her live performance over Radio Cairo Live weekly.
Nobody works on that particular day,including the President the late Jamal Abdul Nasser.The city is in abosolutely stand still on her performance.
She had the honor being the first Eygtian singer to hold Live Concert on radio weekly.
The pride of her nation.
Al.Fatiha.Umm Kalthum

Now you try Listen to this legendary Lebnon Nationalist Fairuz.
She stand tall in the league of nation in the Arab world.
Brave and full of pride for her mother nation Lebonan.

However Hajah Rogayah Sulong and Hajah Faridah Mat Saman facinates me with their god gifted voice.
If non of you remember,let me recall.
Both was the Qariah champion in Musabakah AlQuran during Tunku'era in the 60's.
Legends in their own way.
Stories was pass on when Hajah Rogayah recital the Quran in public in Cairo on a visit,The street was at a stand still too.

Wa'allah ya lam.That the stories been told.

Allah is Beautiful,and loves beautiful gifted voices.


[danial][ma] said...

hej! Pak Tuo...Fairuz...i knew her from the soundtrack album of When The Night Falls...Kamata Mariyam...really nice song and she has great voice too...

Pak Tuo said...

Danial my man,

Fairuz,she's one gem and a standing ovation.If you like high pitch improviso Ethnic try the Fench base Algerian Yusof Dafer.Man his high pitch tone is a real mean.

Thanks for the visit.