Saturday, January 10, 2009

How You Groom Your Children Is Your Choise!! BUT....

I couldn't resist but to continued to blog of what I feel in my heart.

Recently,one of my nephew did very well indeed along with other 100,000(I think) our Malaysian children whom score straight 'A' in their UPSR exam.
He was selected to one of the most prestige elite grooming school in my home town Malacca.
There was other 2 nephews and a niece whom graduated from the College when the college just open its doors to Malaysian children back in early 90's

All three have already graduate and work and the niece is already a Cpt.(Dr)with our ATM Medical Corp.
Thanks to the philotropist and his team whom started the college and for giving all able young sod a FREE good education while they was there.
All three jes recently embark into a career path.

May Allah protects all of you three,Aki,Aida and Reza.hmmmmm......terus.

The college aim is to produce a well rounded future Malaysian corporate figure.
Wallah yaalam.(go ahead and for haven sake boys!!! go with God) I recieve a news, another nephew got a place.
Great ....but the fees for Form 1 registration is a galloping amount of $21,000.00, bill to his parents.
What!!!!!!!!holly cow!!!!!son of the gun!!!!

Well,I thought Sek.Alam Shah,Sri Putri at PutraJaya and many more public funded full boarding school is also able to produce talented Malaysian too.And its is FREE!!!

If you have $21,000,from my six sense,it is wiser to sponsor 5 ophan of your son age(yatim piatu)school them,feed them and teach them.
I am sure Sekolah Alam Shah and others do have bright ophan children whom we could look after.Sponsor them all till they complete their education.
I'm sure they will be gratefull and thankful for your contribution.

Learn !! from him

Your son and daughters will have a pure and genuine net working when he/she embark on future plans.Insyallah.
Dont be self centred and selfish invidual but be truthful.
It is danger to play with image and image maker.
If you have do it,do solely for God sake and not for an 'ego ride'.

All the other 3 was given a scholarship but sad to say the icon couldn't managed to sponsor anymore bright Malaysian or was it too big of an ambition plan when he built the college?
Well,that's life what come around,turns around.

I puzzle at the whopping amount.
I ask myself do we need to pay such a big amount?
Not until I brows at Sir Ken Robinson

My thought still remain puzzle and so many unanswered question came running in my mind after listening to his talk.
What a whoppper!!
The truth is,I dont like all elitist colleges philosophical approached toward streaming lining and compartmentalization of society via education.

Have a deep thought on what you about to listen by Sir Ken Robinson.
The world is about to change.

By the way, my beloved Nana and Alia got a straight 8 'A's' during last PMR exam.
Way to go my gals.......terus.
Both of them was at home and at normal co-ed day school.

Thus,I reckons grades doesn't come with school tags or does it?


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Thank You sir,

Definately I will.Insyallah.

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