Monday, October 27, 2008

Tumpang Grant.

Mesjid Cina?
Mesjid Bukit China ada ,mesjid Cina takda.
Whose idea was it?
Is there any mesjid Melayu in Madina?
or anywhere in the world?
If there is one I wanted to go there and performed my Salatul Mesjid 2 rakayat.
Futher,whose money is it going to be build on?.
Thus,after Mesjid Cina then one could apply for Tanah perkuburan Cina Muslim.Solely for Chinese Muslim.
What sort of non sense.
Kubur is kuburlah.
No chinese Muslim kubur or mosque
or Mesjid India,Kubur Indian Muslim!!!!!!bengep!!!!!

oiiiiii..Chinese Muslim,Malay Muslim,Indian Muslim,Mat Saleh Muslim,Jawa Muslim,Boyan Muslim,Madura Muslim,Batak Muslim,and all Muslim of the world fill up Mesjid Wilayah and Mesjid PutraJaya lah.
The saf during the fardu is sad in numbers.
Buck uplah kangkong!!!!!!
Having Mesjid India is problemetic enough administratively with DBKL.
Flighting among traders to find a spot for buisness is normal.
Whose money are they going to built on?
The rakyat's money?
hmmmmmm.......too any agenda hasn't been fulfil,man.
Buck up!

Case 2.

Hj.Juno(not real name),a hard working decent fellow decides to buy a piece of land to built his dream home for his family.All his sweat and life saving.He is the ealry immgrant during economic boom of late 70's.
At that phase in time,life was easy.
Beaucratic procedure was less hussle.
Though he could apply for mycard,he didn't,instead he got myPR as good my card .Great ,good enough.
His children were born here and got their mycard.Bravo.

Come Mamat,the broker for the land owner,approaches Hj.Juno,knowing fully well his dream to purchase a piece of land, at a very reasonable price of RM10,000.00 for 11/4acre.
Its a MCL land which means an Agriculture Malay Reserve land.Find.
Thought Hj.Juno,that is precisely what he wanted for my family,a decent home which are built upon hard work and determination.

Not knowing,the fact of the Land is a Grant besar,which means its a big chalk piece of land of 4 acres subdivide into 3 lots of 2 acres,11/4 and 3/4 acres respectively. Inserted in the grant,is 8 other names as a co joint owner of the piece of land.

In principle Hj.Juno agreed to the sale transaction in inserting his sons name into the grant,knowing fully well he is only a joint co-ownwer of the piece.
But his share of piece is only the 11/4 acre.
Identified verbally by the broker.
That is his piece agreed and paid for.

As a bait,the land broker sweet talk him that 11/4 acre that he purchase could be sub divided further into small plots to built 24 small unit of 3 bedrooms houses for let or for sale.
In others words the smiling Hj.Juno could strike rich.
It will improve his social standing among his tribe that is Jawa!
It is every migrant dreams in a milk and honey dreamland Malaysia.

His shared was further sent to a Land surveyor to draw the plan for sub division,
but if order to built his dreams the sub division needed to be approved from the State authority.
That is where all the problems begans.

1.Yes,he did bought the piece and paid for 1 1/4 acres of land and his name was registed as a joint co-land owner in the land but where is the individual tittle?

2.Is is possible to get a individual title after being surveyed and identified its boundaries and submitted to the State Land office for approval but the consent of all joint land owner in writing and signatory is a preliquisit condition for the individual title to be issued by the PTG.

3.How to identified the existing co-land owner?
Are they still alife?
Do you know them?
Will they give their consent?

Nobody knows where the hell and who they are except the Penghulu of the mukim.
Thus,the aid of the Penghulu is vital only if he agrees to help.
Some penghulu are real son of a bitch.
Menyusahkan rakyat and are part of the land scam which caues manipulation of land fraud.

4.The plot however is legally transact but it is an unethical practice by land brokers to sell land only as joint co-owner to the piece of land because in the long process it creates immediated problems of transfering of lanf tittle to new land owner.
Thus Hj.Juno could not identified precisely which spot is his to built his dream house.All joint land owner has the equal access and equal right on all spot of the piece of land.Where is your precise spot Tuan Hj.?

5.Now Hj.Juno wanted to sell his plot for RM400,000 of MCL land of 1 1/4 acre.
Hj.!!!that is a big sum of money for a problematic piece of land at Sg.Chincin,Tuan.

My advise to Hj.Juno.
Sort the individual title Tuan Hj.
Any buyer comes with 'clean hands 'and
'those who come to equity come with clean hands'.


Mat Salo said...

Salaam Pak Tuo,

Ado den antar email kek ketuo murid mhs 76 tu.. tolong check iyo?

Pak Tuo said...

Yo lah deh dah balas dah.
Ekou tang mano tu?
Ma Kasih lah kerana sudi melaway pak tuo ni eh!!