Monday, September 08, 2008

My Sahur with Chuck E In Love.

hmmmmm...been a while since I last blog,non what so ever intrest me at the moment.
Yeap,its another Ramadan,breaking the fast and off course the 'sahur'
Wakie...wakie...time to eat with sambal and ikan asin.
hmmmm.thats the working class food.
Sambal titik ikan asin kurau,the boney parts of it is yummy.
Nothing extra ordinary,just plain and simple rice with sambal would do.

My thought flew away years ago,waking up for 'sahur'with Ricky Lee Jones sexy voice on 'Chuck E In Love'.
Most morning that is the voice I love to hear.
Husky and appealing to me and her guitar playing reminds me of my Gal Aimi's in Melbourne.
How's your guitar playing dear and off course the Ramadan down under.
Aimi's pick up the guitar while waiting for her SPM result 3 years ago.

Ricky Lee Jones acoustic playing is one cool cat.
I wish I could embedded it the lastest of 'Chuck E In Love' but it was not permitted but you could view it via the same page.
Same beautiful voice,sexy and appealing of course.
Yes,she must be same age as me now.

Old hippy never die they just turn new leaves.

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