Monday, September 08, 2008

My Mate........ Boe.


'Lu apa pasal suka stem blues on E??
'mana lah gua tahu,guru gua ajar main Blues kat E,gua enjut E lah,
lain key mana gua tahu!!!!

That was the typical unscholarly musician conversation jamming the Blues.
Typically,after a few rounds at the local joint "The Artisan' Chepstow Place off Westbourne Park Villa Road.

Sleaky but lively joint,fully max on the weekends.
Chatting with Grand Wise Man from West Indies and mother Africa,Rail-roads worker,artisan,Rastafarian,the Jokes,Corkneys name it we are all there.
Nice intresting people,full with life battle stories.
Kinda of reasonable man on top of Clapham Omni Bus version.

That's my long life buddy,Boe.
I must say,apart from my other half,this man knows me like a book.
Nothing could I hide from him.
My life history,he could narrate it all.
We goes a long way and far too long to tell.
I love him like a brother and will always cherish the long brotherly friendship we have built over the years.
We practically went thru' thick and thin together.

Yes,mamak we are approaching 50's,dah maghrib beb!

Boe,a man with highest self-esteem,intelligent,witty and the hands is always they if you need one.
I absolutely could rely on him on what ever occurance.

That Chet Aktin and Earl Klug is to reminds us mamak the happy by gone days at
53,Fermoy Rd.Chepstow Mews,Dawson Place,Brynston Sq.Bradiston Rd,Marble March,Green Park,All Saints Road,Westbourne Park Villa Road,Leamington Road,
Shepard Bush ,Childbert Road,Balham,Finsbury Park Road,Waterloo etc,etc.

May Allah protect you mamak!
My gate and front door is always open!


bangkai said...


Thanks for the kind words, mate.

Tapi tangan dah keraslah, beb: banyak sangat pegang tet*k. Kalau tak, boleh jam guitar sampai lebam - macam dulu-dulu.

Yes, mate! 53 Fermoy Road - forever!

Pak Tuo said...

Cheers Mamak

Al Fatiha to our mate Rommel Sidek

pak tuo said...
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Kak Teh said...

Wah Pak Tuo all the places you mentioned are so familiar, yet our paths have never crossed?

pak tuo said...

Dear Kak Teh,

An honor for the visit,dear.
Sure do wish to pop in at those places again.
Be well and Salam Ramadan

Ezza Aziz said...

salam Pak tua,
Saya baca komen you dalam blog Kak Teh, pasal John Boy dan Mary Jane.
Pandai Pak tua bercerita,saya baca sambil tersenyum ..
Selamat berpuasa dari saya di Klang

pak tuo said...

Mualaikum salam Ezza dear,

Bunga selasih,Ubi Kayu,
Terima kasih Thank You.

Kecil tapak tangan sarung guni saya sembahkan Ezza.