Monday, September 15, 2008

Memories -We Wait for you Ya Haq

Photo 1

Photos amazed me,some of the collection in my possession has been with me since schooling days, take this photo for instance,it was from the Times magazine dated somewhere in late 70's.
I,framed it and nail to the wall. Its sort of my 'giddy up' and go motivator.Inspires be what I dont know.
ButAlhamdulliah.Syukuran Ya Allah.
It's a cut out from an advertisment in the Times mag.
I cant precisely note the date of the mag issue but it has been a long while ago and on my bed wall since schooling days.
I wonder what happen to the boy?
He must be a wise man some where in Africa guess.

Photo 2

Aha......Yes,my Madam,Allahyarhama Puan Sri Saloma.Al.Fatiha.
This one is from an old LP title 'Bunga Negara'with Mohd.W.Yet's Orchestra Chorus:Tiga Serama

Side 1.
1.Bunga Negara - a keroncong
2.Lenggang Kangkong - Twist Cha-Cha
3.Tepok Amai-Amai - Slow Twist
4.Seribu Janji Tak Mungkin/Che Mamat Parang Tajam - Twist
5.Layang-Layang -Fast Twist

Side 2.
1.Ikan Kekek - Twist
2.Bakti Dalam Seni/Gelang Paku Gelang - Slow Twist
3.Sudah Nasib/Katak Lompat - Twist
4.Suasa Chinta - Cha-Cha
5.Tanjong Katong - Calypso

Recorded and Mixed by : Electric & Musical Industries Ltd.Singapore
Swing babe swing!!!!!!!
My mum'S tune.She will do the cha-cha with me.
Yes we did dance to the cha-cha last,during the last extended family reunion at a hotel in Shaha Alam.
Laura Fygy ,Quizas,Quizas,Quizas would do,.
Yeap you mum.

Was The Commander in Chief Allahyarham Sukarno in the middle,Allahyarham Hatta in the right and Allahyarham Shahrir on the left.
Al.Fatiha para pahlawan.
It was a cut and frame from majallah TEMPO special issue of the '50th.Ulang Tahun Proclamasi Kemerdekaan Indonesia.
I treasure this one.I like the wording.It is bold and direct.
Amin.Insyallah we say.Nothing is certain.

The collection are not of any monetary value but it has deep meaningful thought and inspirational.
All are frame at one corner of the house.
When serious thinking is needed ,I will be at that corner on my half wore out rattan chair,looking sharp at those photos and iktikaf.
Not Van Gogh,John Constatine or Monet but it brings me...what we call .....yes ....'Ilham.'

'Lailatul Qadri min alfishah'
Yes....The nite of Lailatul Qadar we are waiting for.
We're wait for you Ya Haq.

pssst......... anybody have the Almarhum Dato Hossien Annas painting?
Any painting of his would do!

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