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Our Rakyat Wants Peacelah........Memo oh Memo

****That's my rakyat waktu harga getah keping asap berbunga 20sen sekati.

Yes...........its happenning!!!!
Sending memo is the order of any admistrative function.The bulk of memo sent by superior to the supporting staff at times are mind bloggling.

Dia datang dengan 'wahyu' atau 'dia diberi wahyu',is an administrative lingo meaning 'instruction from the top'.Off course we respect rank and order and authority.But pleased for havent sake sort it in humane ways.

I was taught 'Kemanusiaan Sejangat'.
I was taught to love my neighbour.
I was taught to keep away from troble.

But surprise suprise todays its vice versa.

All it means is TDM ada 'ANAK JANTAN'

The supporting team is sending a Memo to the superior.For constitutional and Admistrative lawyers,the bulk and delegeted responsibility are in question!!!
It has always been in question for the past 20 years.

Its the truth on whether separation of powers really do exist in reality?
Piles of administrative law cases could recided.
See.the contrast between
Tan Teck Seng v Suruhan Jaya Perkhidmatan Pendidikan and
Meor Atikul Rahman v Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Pendidikan exp.Fatimah Sidi.

Anaylise it and you could understand.

O!!!!!!Kuasa Budi Bicara (discreationary Powers)
hmmm......Ada Budi Bahasa ke!!!!

I like it Bro.
Rocky Bru has the story.

Ya Ampun.Safe my country.Insyallah all level headed human loves peace and tranquality.
As the line of late Tan Sri P.Ramlee's film 'Pendekar Bujang Lapok'
'....ini bukan cubaan ....ini betul betul...!!!!

The last time I sent a memo asking the Pengarah Urusan Kumpulan Adabi to replace the Pengetua Sekolah, it landed me with a good scolding from ayah.
It was a diffrent then.A school with no basic ammenities.

We do not have a library at school.Even the canteen was a rundown.
Horrible school toilet and dripping water when it rains.
I was so call student leader of the school then.
It was at Adabi Maharani in 1977.

But this is vice versa.

I suggest the the would be Minister of Kementerian Pendidikan to set Public Specking as a co-co and all schools has speckers corner.
In reality parents doesn't mind paying but the Education Policy really has to be scrutinise.
Follow the Rule laid by Alex Healey.
'Kunta Kinta'will never rebel unless been taught how to turn rebellious.

Letter of Mukhriz Mahatir to Pak Lah.Hear more memo from UMNO Bhg.Batu W.P.!!!!!!!!!! Entah.
Let the Falcon sort their problem.
I love peace and tranquality.


12th March 2008

Dato' Seri,

Let me take this opportunity to thank you Datuk Seri for your leadership and for allowing me and giving the trust to contest at the recent general elections as a candidate for Jerlun. With the support, hard work and the blessing of the party's leadership and the party machinery and the people of Jerlun, I have won the elections and am now a new Member of Parliament.

However, sadly enough, my victory is rendered meaningless in view of the defeat that Umno and the Kedah BN suffered in the hands of the opposition. Apart form Kedah, four other states as well as the Federal Territories also received similar humiliation in defeat.

In fact your own state of Penang was wrested by the DAP from the BN. Kelantan is again under Pas rules. In other states, the BN also suffered a similar humiliation when the level of BN support by the people has tremendously reduced. This, Datuk Seri, has never happened in the history of BN rule.

The sole intention of my letter to you is meant to save UMNO and BN from being rejected further by the people and from being no longer relevant to our religion, race and nation.

Dato' Seri, the people are unhappy and the message from them is very clear, and that is they have rejected you as the nation's chief executive.

Contrary to your claim that you still have the support of Umno and other component parties, the reality is that even our own party members had reneged in their voting pattern by supporting the Opposition and inflicting the BN its defeat.

Dato' Seri, when the people held street demonstrations you openly dared them to resort to the ballot boxes to demonstrate.

They took your challenge by coming out, especially tho people in the Peninsular, and they demonstrated their feelings by voting us out at the BN at State and Parliament levels.

It is therefore clear that your leadership and your handling of the issues faced by the people and the nation are no longer accepted. Let's not deny the truth just for the sake of keeping your seat as Prime Minister.

For the love of this country and the people, I beg that you take responsibility for the defeat. We can save UMNO, the BN and the nation only if you relinquish your positions as Prime Minister and the President of UMNO.

Dato' Seri, I hope you will understand that I make this plea with the intention of salvaging a very dire situation. A move has been made to woo the BN representatives to join the Opposition. The enemy needs just 35 seats more to topple the government of your leadership.

If you do not resign in the near future, I fear that the situation will become untenable and that the Malay support for Umno and BN will be a thing of the past.

This plea I make without malice, and I am aware that your reaction and that of other UMNO members could very well be hostile.

But come what may, I am prepared, for the sake of the Malays and UMNO, to face the consequences of my action. With all humility, I leave my fate to Allah SWT.

Dato' Seri, I am sure that you will do the right thing for the sake of the people and the nation. May Allah SWT bless you for the sacrifice you make by stepping down.


Yours Sincerely

Mukhriz Mahathir
Jerlun Member Parlament

I spoke to Mukhriz to confirm that he had, indeed, sent the letter to the PM and Umno President. He confirmed it but declined to discuss details of the letter. It didn't matter because I had already obtained a copy from my own sources.
Since my "teaser" yesterday, mykmu has published Mukhriz's letter here.


As I did mention in my earlier posting

'God pick his rightfull khalifah via the voice of the people,and definately he chooses and pick the wise and able one'.


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