Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Matahari Dulu- Matahari Sekarang

Malaysian now are rather well fed with datas and facts.
Same old stories lah.Is it?
The week end after shock is settling down.

cOOl......down.Let the newly elected YB's sort it out.
In the mean time,we fulfill our time with the spies stories over cup of tea.

Spies stories facinates me .Names like MATAHARI and William Joyce will always make a good reading to me.Spy friction 'The Recruiter' and 'All The President Men'with it good base line stories facinates me.

I wonder how Ratna Sri Dwi the Japaness beauty managed to win the heart of late Bung Karno's.
Was it planted?
Ibu Fatamawati is a beauty too so do Kartini.
It was when Ratna offcially at the Istana President things starts thumbling down for Indonesia and Sukarno.

Thought provoking its it?

Dig it the Matahari stories we could learned from past history.

Anyway have you heard of Penal Code 121.
Malaysia and Malaysian are civil and civilised peaceful loving society.
Used it if we have to.
'Only as a sheild and not a sword' and
'Those who come to Equity comes will Clean Hands'

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