Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Politic, Borelitik or Borektik

Politic oh politic what a lulu, a shame you may call me,
If you dont believe me try reading or see the film 'Cry Beloved Country' by Alan Paton
I have none what so ever inclination towards it.
But that doesn’t mean I got no knowledged of it.
Like my brother in clad,we are the 'Minang Murtad'.
I could be as loud as you wanna me to be!

A firm believer in Article 3 till 13 and 121 of the Federal Constitution particularly Article 5 and agreed absolute agreed with Raja Azlan Shah cj (as he was then) in the Judgement of DBKL V Sri Lembah Enterprise.

I have no political thought and political wings inclination of any form even though my up bring years was full with Socio-Political book since my schooling days.
I read Karl Marx,Lenin,Mathadma Ghandi,Mendela,Bishop Desmond Tutu etc.etc till Anita Baker even the Satanic Verses but didn't digest.
I got the Malay Delemma by Tun ,way back in '75 in Singpore shopping, while it was still been outlawed.
'Revolusi Mental' by Senu Abd.Rahman was my 15 the birthday present given by my uncle and 'Kelas Menegah Melayu' by Dr.Nordin Selat was my reading at Form 3.
I was bored with school text book instead my shopping list then,would be comics and SOPO kind of writing plus antologi by Keris Mas,Salmi Manja,Latif Mohiddin and article by groupy 'Anak Alam' base at Panggung Experimental then,intrest me.

Been reading S.H Al'attas since schooling days,'Perang di Kuala Linggi' and many more, personnaly since my student days I regard it as 'Political Junk books'and to my surprise many local political pundits refers to his books as an indication of our political climate.

It is not to my liking,instead of referering to George Bernard Shaw or Isaiah Berlin as point or reference or Sheikh Maududi or the very least Faris Noor.

Well,but it sells to the masses and he do make good bucks from his effort,
but....the masses at large become political junkies,swamps with gossip and back stabbing in the political kow-tao,instead of purelism sort of 'to believe or not to believe'.
However he too, like me took the baayat with Sheihk Nazim (refers to Dec.posting)

Berdosa tahu!
But I am firm beliver in 'JUSTICE,FAIR AND PROGRESS'

My background both ibok and ayah side one way or another are both inter mingle with it.
On ayah roots is of one of the West Sumatraian pious and nationalistic scholar not recorded in any Malaysian History journal.
You find the link here.

Has you heard of Sheikh Sulaiman Al Rasuli?

I must say,if you haven’t,some history lesson on line here.
Great-great Grand dad met his Lord in 1956.Al Fatiha.

I was digging the old photos at Ibu Jak home in Kedoya some years ago and I saw this potriat of Buya Hamka leading a congregational prayers at a muslim cemetery.I suppose Allahyarham Buya Hamka was performing ‘Salatun Jenazah Ghaibin’ prayers done when one has already been buried according to the Muslim ritual.

I notice one very familiar face among the makmum on the congrational prayers.
He was on a ‘Songkok Hitam’ his trade mark and his Ray Ban Dark Glasses,a full attire in an Army Suit.Very exquisite.

That’s him in the picture taken,performing salatul Jenazah Ghaib together with Sahibbul Sammaa’ Murshyid Almarhum Prof.Dr.Hj.Abd Malik bin Abd.Karim Amrumullah(HAMKA).on the the grave site of my Inyik Candung as he is passionately known among his murid and the general public.
His work still stand strong till this day at Candung,Madrasah Tabliyah Muhammadiah Candung.
Graduates from Talbiyah Muhammmadiah Candung are qualified teachers acknowledge by the R.I Department Agama and R.I Department Pendidikan Nasional.
To cut the bio-blogroll short, he was one of the 'Pejuang Bangsa Yang Hakiki' together Almarhum Agus Salim,Hatta,Hamka and the West Sumatrarian clan and the PNI leaders, Sukarno fight for Merdeka in 1946.

Atuk,his son was sentence to excile to Melaka back in the late 20's for fighting against the colonial rule back then.
His son,my uncle Om.Makmur and my Papa Jak was imprisonment by the Sukarno,during the 'Confrontasi Era' in the early 60's
It causes Papa Jak good job in Padang and thus forces him and family migrate to Jakarta in 1966 to find a better pasture.
Alhamdullillah, his is 'cream della cream' of the society in Jakarta today.

As far as ayah is concerned,he does not has any inclination towards politics what so ever.
He has been tame by the British.Like what he does best,that is sports till his retirement days.
No radical political thought in ayah.He follows the wind.

Ibok side.High achivers.
Have you heard 'Perang Tiga Segi' between Riau-Lingga,Dutch and Johore.Johore Empire was back by the Bugis Makassar,Riau by the Dutch and Acheh on it own.
The 'BUGIS' leads by Raja Ali Haji ancestors of Daeng Memanik leads the battle.
This unrecorded genelogist of the family tree was recorded and written by Almarhum my late great grand uncle,my grand dad first cousin Almarhum Hj.Mohd Khalid bin Hj.Abu Bakar(Joe Carlos) but never publish.
Al.Fatiha.Man.........what a man,well spoken and learned man,trim and proper.

The kampong folks could clarified what a standing ovation man he was.
Brave and Bold,thats what the grand old man like.

Him,tracing and tracking the family roots trace back to the days of Raja Ali Haji sttlement at Ketapang ie.an old name for Telok Mas where Hendry Gurney Schools for Boys are located.
Originally,Telok Ketapang was a POW camp for the Bugis caught rebelling against the Dutch.You could name it 'The Dutch Slaughter House'.

It was after the 1824 treaty when Malacca was exchange for Batavia by the Dutch to the Englich EIC,the Bugis rebels was release and find their way home either to Makassar or settling in the area within Telok Mas,Alai,Pernu.
Settling best for, what ever the catch of the day was.

Tracking from verbal document,demostrate by Almarhum my great -grand uncle,the family roots was the first cousin of Shayhid Raja Ali Haji,to remind you,Raja Ali Haji was hang by the Dutch Authority at Telok Ketapang.
His sin was rebelling against foreign colonizer.

Ibok rooting was Alai.
The 'BUGIS', man...........legend brave sea farers,fierce and fire,good merchant and pious people.
Remember the Spice Trade and Ambionan Makassar Rampage.
The ethnic cleansing by the Dutch in Makassarian,reasons was, the Dutch EIC wanted to take control the Spice monopoly helds by the Bugis.
The family tree even though yet to be proven but it is a reliable piece of information.

Tracking my family temprement all the essence is there.

Wait till I publish ,as I have promise one of my uncle, his auto-biography on his life as an SB while serving in the S.P.F back in the 60's,where the nation was swamps with highly organised crimes,internal bricking between S'pore and us, the problems confronted ,The Natrah story,Cleaning The Street from MOB,the underground API AWAS,Trade Union etc 'The Untold Stories'.Gang Fight,The Indonesian Comandor etc,etc.
It was from him I learn the 'LAW' and the essence of the Penal Code.
After serving with total dedication and knowing this man seriousness while executing his job, a rank and file promoted to an Inspector and being the youngest Sargent Major in the force,he couldn't be wrong in the untold tales from the 'South of the Border'.But faith has it tale and toll.

After retiring for nearly 40 years living on a pension,merely $150 a month from the Singapore govt.I thought our Malaysian Police retirement plan had a better deal.

Well,we do come from a well fierces fighter with a caused and definately we are not a rebel rouser.
Quoting from great novelist Pramoedya Anan Teor,
'...kalian memang benar-benar asli, aslinya sebuah Keluarga Gerilya...'
Sa'aman the hero in the novel remarks to his sister Fatimah and another fav. of mine'

Sa'aman advising his sister Fatimah,
'......Tim,sekolah dek?,
didunia ini tidak ada tempat untuk orang yang tidak bersekolah....'

My words is
'....teruslah.... MELAYU jangan Lalok....kerana didunia ini tidak ada tempat orang yang suka lalok....pendek rezeki......

TO BE CONTINUE.........after election


Anonymous said...

Salam. Gosh it is so refreshing to read your blog. Quite different from the ones that i've read before. I am currently doing some checking on Raja Ali Haji when I stumbled upon your writings. I believe he was my great3 grandfather or something.. Anyway, hv a great day and keep writing.

Pak Tuo said...

Dear Anon,

I do beg your pardon for the late reply.In matter of facts I over look the comment.Well,very rare I have visitors.Only off and on occassion.

I am not much of a writer,I write from my feelings and my surrounding.
Yeap,thanks for dropping by.Appreciated it.