Friday, May 12, 2006

The Mestro-Al Fatiha

It was past two Ramadan ago,I wrote a story of an extra ordinary old man "Pak Sako" yes,name it, the Nationalist,the easy going novelist to a walking dictonary.Pak Sako earns it.The witty nationalist.Dare to challenge the BMA till was put to cold storage by the master at that time era.
The strong feel for his simple novel approx.200 pages thick but fullfill my quest to a write about him.It was 'Putra Gunung Tahan', a witty political staire novel.
In a sudden, the feel came and I just couldn't stop the strong desire to find and buy the book.

Today,I just couldn't stop the urge to write about a man,"Peoples Man" if you could name it.It has been 2 weeks since he 'pulang ke ramatullah' meets his lord.I haven't met him personally neither do have a chat with him.I do not have any family connection with his family neither,either have asked any direct favor from him.
Very influential figure and am able one.Victim of circumtances at time during his tenure.

Why do I decide to write about this man?
I don't know him only in news headlines
either asked a favour 'BUT' I am a fair person.
'Credit and Honour' given where it is due,I suppose.

About two years ago ibu, told me this story and the story was confirm by a close friend of mine,treated like a son by my mum and members of the family.The event took place while arwah apak was still alive.They were having supper at the famous Nasi Lemak Berlauk Ujung Pasir Melaka.The meeting took place approx 10 years ago.

This old giant man in size and status walk towards my mum's table.
Asking her,"...awak Shamsiah anak Cikgu Dollah Pucung ya?
To ibu suprise, she answer sheepishly answered "Ya".
Tok Wak aka. Cikgu Dollah Puchung met his Lord 15 years ago.He retired as Nazir Sekolah-Sekolah Melayu in Melaka way back in the 50's at ripe age of 88.
Goodness me,this man remember Cikgu Dollah Puchong and asked all his children.
He asked each and everyone of my mum sibling.Mind you, he remember all the 10 names.

So when the news of his death reached the public,I took the steps to pay a respect at his home at Bukit Bandar Raya and his burial ground at'Makam Pahlawan'

'A man whom who could remembered a small retired school teacher from A Solok', retired late 1950's and all his 10 children names
'Stood A Great Statemanship Skills and Stands Tall Among Peers of the Nation.'

'Budi seketek Gunong Selembah,Nila setitik Hitam sebelanga'. - Minang Proverb



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