Sunday, May 21, 2006

Amendment - Is There a Need for It or Just Paranoid !


Am I being a pest to my society?
Am I living in fear in my own backward?
Am I living in a city of Living Death?
Am I living in a city with the similarity of Belfast,Dublin,Gaza,Modagishu,Paris,New York,etc.etc
I feel its better to live in the Planet of the Ape,where Urko is more just following the right intrpetation of the Quran in Surah Al Maidah ayat 44,45,and 47

'..janganlah kamu tergulong daripada golongan orang-orang yang

Allah love justice.Does using justified ACTION makes our action Just?
I wonder what a reasonable man on a daily KTM commuters thinks about it?

read the site and you understand why?

Another amendment of the Criminal Procedural Code is on it way.
hmm....Allah sees each intention with a microscopic lens.

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