Friday, February 03, 2006

Books...Books Golorious Books

Yes we could...............

It amazing what a half torn wore out atlas could do to me?
Been upkeeping the back dated books either those bought at those Sunday Flea market,MPH store or those years of collection down in Portobello Saturday market or those been given as a present.

I gave away about half a lorry of my National Geografic Society collection to Hj's Wahid home for boys at Sungai Udang Malacca.It was a donkey years of collection.No joke about it that is massive piles of the NGS staging at home before.Most is in sequence order according to years.

I do hope the boys is taking care of those mags. coz' at that particular point in time it was my only property I had in this world.
I still don't have.I begin with nothing and still I have nothing but the pleasure of something has strongly enshine in me and bless with it.

Back to the story board......

The atlas I was mentioning before was 'Philips Illustrated ATLAS of the World,
edited by Bernard Stonehouse publish by George Philips & Son 1986.
In matter of fact it was the 3 edition back dated from 1949.
I got it during my student days via the WH Smith postal order.Back then,there no such thing as e-commerce or e-auction .WH Smith is our version of MPH stores today.
10 solid hardcover for 3 quid!Good deal ayi!!!!!
Mind you my monthly allowence of 267 pound after deducting the rent a good major propotion goes to Virgin's store,HMV or Record n Tape Exchange down at Notthing Hill's Gate or the Saturday Portobello Market.
Yeah... I was staying down in the heart of "The All Saints Road"...mate!
Where highly organised local mafia on the move.
53 Fermoy Road to be precise.

Hmm.....I was not that typical 'Solok' guy staying there, I minggle with the local beb!
but I am able to watch my back coz' its was a Ghetto then.
Now hooo.... go and have look for yourself it is highly gentrified.
Portobello is fully with fine high dine wine places.
Flats now are fill with trendy yuppies.
To some, thanks to the Iron Lady era ie. Maggie Thatcher for up holding Sir Winston Churchill quotation,
'......England is a nation of shop-keepers'
However now shop keepers is run by well connected Patel's or any Chutney's.

Well,back to the atlas,it is full with beautiful photos explaining the various parts of the world.

The plus point of the atlas is it divides itself into all the 6 continent.
What strikes me to write today is the quotation on Asia,

It jots as:

"ASIA - The West can teach the East how to get a living but the East
must eventually be asked to show the West how to live "

-Teh Hsieh,Chinese Epigrams Inside
Out and Proverb (1948),588

Think about it am not qualified to comment deeply,
but I do know how to share the world peacefully,decently,modestly and honestly?

How...........By loving our neighbours?
But only a 'Reasonable Man Neighbour!'

The Journey for the soul has began I suppose?

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