Sunday, February 19, 2006

Muwauuu,Moore or Muar?

To Malaccan Muwauu.. with a thick accent has a close historical linkage.
Some say Parameswara saw his kancil at Muar and latter proceed to Melaka,Both are situated at river bank.Any world civilization are situated close to a river.Source of livelyhoodness.I grew up next to a river.The Sungai Air Molek.Hmmm..What a memory.I will tell the story latter not at moment.

What really drives me to write is my fav.hanging out place, a small not sleezy sleepy town but a small town 20 miles from my solok.Muar,yes
I spent 2 years in Muar learning how to learn.The town where bicycle overtakes cars.Must say it the least polluted place I have ever come across.Bicycle the main transportation.
Yes,the kodok?hmmm....serba lengkap and halus perkertinya.Somebody should write a song of something of 'Gadis Muar' or Muar Blues.
Yes our premier father Dato Onn Jaffar hails from Mooree.

Ghazal,is made known by Muarian,Ustaz Fadzil Ahmad and Arwah Pak Chik Ahmad Jusoh the mestro of Maharani Ghazal Party hail from Muar.You should be there when Maharani Ghazal Party was at it peak.They even have a belly dancer.
Once the party begins it rocks till morning beb!And it sure rock on till dawn together with Arwah Pak Chik Wahid my ghazal and gambus guru.They such do rock-on.
Arwah Pak Chik Wahid recently pass away pecefully due to asthma cronic attack.His skill on tabla in particular is amazing.A multi instrumentalist.There was in one occasion,he was on a Grand-Piano at ASK auditorium hall.I was really shock to hear him on the Yahama grand piano doing solo on late Tan Sri.Ramlee's "Ibu".
One solid tune and what struck me was that was the last tune I heard him playing and a week late he meets his Lord.Alfatiha.

Together with Dato Johari Salleh,he leads the DBKL oskrestra.Pak Wahid as he is affectionaly,known leads the traditional section.What a man,petit in size ,but massive talent,gifted naturally without any impressive music qualification from so call Berkelly Sch.of Music or LRSM.Once he,hit a note particullary on tabla on par with Zakir Hussien beb?His Rabita hits 44/60.Even 'Take Five of Dave Brubeck' only hits 25/60.And this is from a man whom is little known to the world and he hails from Muar.

For Muarian,Muar is pronounce as Mooore.Hmm....only the Muarian knows to pronounce it.Tanjung has deep meaning for me.I cant explain why.Latter perhaps.Thinking of Muar, and your mind will definitely conjure up images of delicious and inexpensive food. Muar, which is also known as Bandar Maharani, is a popular place for food that is served to you by the many food stalls and restaurants found scattered throughout the city. This picturesque town is located on the Muar River, which in the older days, was the main reason for its growth as the river was a means of transportation. Following the southern side of the river mouth, you can take a leisurely drive/stroll along the tree-lined Jalan Tanjung and admire the beautiful park, old colonial and government buildings as well as mosques.
Muar is also all about "Mee Bandung Muar". To many, nothing beats the original taste of the noodles from Johor itself. Mee Bandung Muar is all about the gravy, which is a thick concoction of prawn and chili paste that is blended together and mixed with beef soup. The gravy is then poured over a bowl of noodles, and enhanced by some beansprouts and a sprinkle of egg slices, bean curd and beef.

Aha....dont forget the cream puff and coke flote at Kim Leng cafe.The soto Ayam,the shop next to the Sahara Coffee House.
After a day field trip I hop back to my sleepy hollow 'Solok' riding on ominni bus M.O.S.That is how the $25 Federal Minor scholarship been spent,on food in Muar and at Muar Book Store at Jln.Salleh.

Take a closer look.Not to forget the chappati near the Padang round about leading to Jln.Parit Sulong Batu Pahat.Any change Muarian??

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