Thursday, February 09, 2006

An Old Vintage Wine......hmmm...Yes Indeed!!

Hmmm........yes sir, he sure does, together with his generation he does move us in the right direction.He was one of the early birds in Radio broadcasting during the Beatles hip era via his husky golden voice he taught us those 'solok' guys the proper English,right pronuncation,proper intonation plus the music of Nat King Cole to Bee Gees 'Staying Alive'.He done us proud I am sure his other half and children is dammed proud of his modest achievement.

Very well indeed,I patiencely waits for his weekly radio show every Sunday precisely at 10am for 2 hours.That old faithful A4 battery operated 'Singer' we had at home is mine for that particular hour.Me at that particular hour will be cleaning my white canvass 'Bata' shoes,yeap school the next day,has to be neat and tidy for Monday assembly or else, I get the best 2 or if it's my unlucky day it will be the best 4 from Mr.Kumara Dass at the Cadet Room.
Pick and choose the ammo,he surely do have an ample collection of yessss....'CANES ' I mean,yeap...the one which whack our backside when we had a discipline problems,it landed on me a few times.
Sure do learn my lesson well.
He taught us English via his chats in the radio.
New words and proper grammer usage.I pick it from him.
Listening tentatively to his husky voice every Sunday,the'Kee Huat Radio Show' he was the show host and it did survived a couple of seasons till I am able to write a love letter.

Yes, I learn to write my ever first love letter by listening to his show.
It was the S.W.A.K and the Jeremy era.The sweet face of the main child actor whom ran off with his girlfriend to Venice......alah I forgotten his name.I think it was Mark ...something!It was before Linda Blair and her Excoist mania.
That film really inspire Bollywood to produce another block buster movie of that era"Bobby". Not to mention Hawaii 5-o with that handsome looking Steve Megarrat and his assistent Danny or weekly sit-com 'The Brady Bunch' and that handsome David Cassidy on 'The Partridge Family'.

Me,a 'solok ' guy watching that show? Yes indeed.....!!!
Will be arguing with my sibs if the wrestling programme is on.I know that is not my t.v day then.One t.v for a couple of family to share.
That was how is was then!
Am I bragging about the post independence socio climate?
No not at all,but by back tracking, that is how we learned to sort our present.
Anybody who doesn't? so be it!!

Why did I write this yeh?
I am not too sure in pronouncing either 'TOKOK or Tokoh'?
That what his blogspot name is!!
Yes he is Mr............ to me I call him Sir Patrick Teo.

To me Tokok means rambling, but, you sir... might have thought of probably the manglish meaning ie.'talk-cork' ie. idle conversation.
Tokoh is personality which definately, you has that.

You....a 'Tokoh' to me and a few others of my batch sir...... I can be sure of that!
You sir,you has that charm, inspiring our generation with those soft melody,
yeah... the clean cut sound, no distortion compared to todays MIDI gadget which most of todays musician used.With the aid of 'Cake Walk' a dump fool could sell his CD's at any back lane an claim it original....'inhouse made' lah brother!!!I am talking where music is played in a group.
A joint effort of a team producing quality sound.Quality showmanship and quality master piece.There is a diffrence between 'evergreen and classic'.
Stairsway to Heaven is classic but Green Grass of Home is evergreen.So do Carmilla by Ebiet that is classic and may more........
I know not rock and roll but something of Lobo or Neil Diamond or Carpenters is 'ok' to our big brother.
Yes, I know our Big Bro is a bit of pain in times.
Back then, yes I know.....big bro is watching us.
I remember our big bro has a rubber stamp on Rod Steward 'Maggie Mae' or Stairsways To Heaven' Definate no play air time.
I dont understand why they censor 'The Revolvers'.They were great, instead every sunday we has to listen to the tune Beauatiful Sunday,I forgoten the group! opphs sorry, either!
I am sure if our Big Bro then gave a lee way to our local group air time,I am positively a sure our Artist performersare as good as our regional counter part if not better.They even gave 'Heavy Machine' a hard time.To jazz freak like me 'NO' so call music of jazz in the air time.
Instead we listen to 'Seriosa' a version of todays Pavarroti?in TV2.
We are the by product of what we see,feel,listen and THINK!!
No wonder it take ages for us to pick up the pieces?
Well......that was the rules back then.
Your comand of elementary English without any accent,straight and grammatically correct improved our written weekly composition tremendeosly.

During my High School tenure together with Nuruddin, we would sneak to a corner of the hostel block to listen to your programme tentatively.
Believe me sir,Nuruddin is another 'Solok' guy, his solok is much further then my 'solok',he is from Bukit Senggeh somewhere near Selandar our minister of 'Human Resources' constituency.
Belief me this guy he specks the 'Nogori English',but man...his written English is explict,belief me..... he got an A1 for English 121 of MCE 1976.
How do we 'The Solok Guys' pick up the language?
Simple answer... tuning to your radio programme.
Its amazing the radio!! it teaches us to be an avid listerner not a watcher as tv does or what ever gadget we have now.
From the portable battery operated size A4 we diguest your word.
Yes sir the 'Solok Guys' made it,by learning how to learn.

Together with your generation of broadcaster Pak Chik Alias,Pak Chik Yahaya Long Chik,Kakak Rubiah Lubis,Abang Nornikman Dadameah and of course our mam Auntie Faridah Merican,we learn the basis English,useage,pronunciation,
expression using the correct process of 'Learning how to Learn' method that is 'Shut Up and Listen'
That is how we were taught.
We learn by listening and able listener, we are sir!
Thanks to your team back in the late 60's and early 70's era sir.
I commend you the very least an AMN to our YDPA.
May god protects you and your family and those who does great contribution to the nation.Be it DJ's,script writers etc,etc,etc.etc
Your positive contribution on being part of nation building goes notice sir.
.......Bravo to all the unsung heroes.

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