Thursday, October 01, 2009

Ayah Ku Kawin Lagi - Ayah Ku Pegi Aji.

It was over 40 years ago ayah decided to remarry again ending his single father status.Remember well the happy go lucky single father bringing up 3 tots children single handedly with a mere Risda clerk pay base on Suffian Report pay scheme.
Its something between $180 a month,I think.

Me,being the eldest to two other sisters was groom with no branded jeans except tailored made long pants by the perfect work of Hj.Manaf of 'AZAM TAILOR' and white shirts from Bee Loon ready made and the shops still at it presence humble beginning site at Lorong Bukit Cina but has expanded over the years all over the country mega mall.
Hj.Manaf has been my tailor since my wee lad days.
My first tailored suit for my England trip was hand made by 'Hj.Manaf The Tailor'.
Attire ethique was strictly observed by ayah.
Hair cream and body talcum powder a must.Off Raya morning with smartly polish Bata shoes goes along well with Hj.Manaf tailored trouses and the white shirt being reused again as my school shirt after Raya.

Suddenly,after joyeous yearly routine on Raya's with ayah,the daily bath personally by him in the morning before off to school,the morning dressing up,the dinner together with my single father stops abruptly and out off a sudden.
Ayah no longer at home with us.
We have to mend life to school all by ourself.
I was too young to understand why ayah left us suddenly.
However,ayah is always there sending us off to school in the morning and evening he will drop by after his daily dose of tennis game at the Bukit Baru Tennis Club but he no longer at home, reading the newspaper while we finishes our school home work.
His personnel home tution given to me on my weak subject also stop.

I was totally lost.
Seeing ayah morning and evening but he is not at home while we were asleep as he used to at night kept a 10 year lad puzzle,keeping together a 7 and 5 years sister together is another sodding tale.
Remember well,the day I confront him asking him why is he no longer with us at home.It was not a riddle but a straight question from a 10 year old lad

'......ayah,....ayah kahwin lagi ya!!!!!!!!!!

He was stunn by the question.
He didnt answer the question.
I presumed the answer was 'Yes',suddenly the pearl drops without invitation.

The rest was history.


May 2009 - 7 am

My usual wake up call at 6.30 am.
Normal morning routine procedure like any other morning.Nothing unusual.
Suddenly a call came in at 7am.It was ayah's voice.

I must say,very-very-very-very very rare and unusual for ayah to call his 3 children.Not only to me but both my sisters as well.
Not at 7 am.From my past experience,call that early only an emergency informing death of imediate members of the family.

I remembered his no normal greeting over the phone.
Not a commanding voice and ayah has never been a commanding father.
His advise to children will always begin with a field trip for Rojak and Satay Wak Temu with big glasses of Air Temu to go with ,right up front facing the famous 'A Famosa'.

After eating,straight into the car.
We will be in his old white VW bettle for his prep talk,park some where along,the Famosa or the front sea-side ,me glaring at the open sea of Strait of Malacca,somewhere over there is Sumatra.

My performance,my behavouir,my grade etc.etc.The normal fatherly advise.
Never ever my beloved father cane or shouted at me or shunn or humilate me in public despite me a mischievious lad myself.

Never Ever.

The phone call from ayah that morning stun me.Straight to the point informing me.

'.....'Will.....aku nak pegi Aji tahun ni.'

I was stun !!! the request coming from ayah.
I wanted to sujud sadah right away.

My simple answer was'.....ayah jangan kuatir...biar Mie uruskan.
Right away I was at Tabung Haji HQ,Ampang as the first customer of the day enquiring for my ayah haj trip.Deposited the required amount and total amount which we pool together to see ayah's trip to Haj.this year.

Waiting patiently over the month,the reply from TH management for his application status.Mind you,ayah does not even have a Tabung Haji account and we have to open one for him.Knowing fully well,ayah clerk pay package are all spend on his schooling age children,even though we do not live under one roof together.
All his children needs are well look after and care for.

Monday 28th Sept.2009 bersamaan 7 Shyawal.

Tabung Haji reply :
En.Jalius penerbangan Haji Tuan ialah pada 1 hb.Nov.2009.
Sila laporkan diri di Komplex Tabung Haji Kerana Jaya pada pukul 9 pagi.

I did the sujud saadah after reading the confirmation letter.

Terima Kasih Ya.Allah.


Al-Manar said...

Pak Tuo,

Bertuahnya seorang ayah yang mempunyai tiga orang anak seperti itu.

Pak Tuo said...

Alhamdulillah Pak Aji,all 3 of us survive.

zaitgha said...

Pak Tuo,

This posting of yours brought tears as my late dad pun like yours...tak der account and we the children thought he would never....but Allah know best and made things so easy for him to go there...alhamdullillah...and al fatihah


tried to call Ila before and after Raya but there was no answer....

Pak Tuo said...

Al.Fatiha to your late dad Zai.

' cool as a cucumber'thats what dad is.
Try call home.At home most evening.

triomommy/ Liana said...

tetap masih ku ingat. terima kasih kerana masih sudi dtg menjenguk.

salam lebaran buat PT, minal aidil walfaizin. =)

Pak Tuo said...

Mommy,Makasih kerana masih ingati.
Success buat kau dan keluarga.
Moga dilindungi yg.maha esa.


Kak Teh said...

Pak Tuo, a touching story! thanks for sharing and our prayers that he is blessed with Haji mabrur!

Pak Tuo said...

Indeed Kak Teh.Thanxs for the doa.Amin.
Some how we managed.

[danial][ma] said...

hej! pak tuo...may you dad be blessed with great health and safety journey during the hajj...

Pak Tuo said...

Danial,thanks mate.

It was a wise move for a 73 yrs old gentleman.

Eskapisminda said...

reading this inspires me

Pak Tuo said...

T.H.A.N.K Y.O.U I.N.T.A.N.

its a mose code Intan?**chuckle**