Thursday, March 05, 2009

We Are Trully Malaysian here and Forever.

hmmmmmm.........I pick it up from here.

1. We are a unique nation filled with beautiful and caring people.

2. We loved and respected our past and present leaders then.

3. We were proud of our football, hockey and badminton teams who brought us joy, pride and a Malaysia Bersatu!

4. We waved excitedly and proudly when our Sultans and Agung drove past on the roads.

5. We sang Negara Ku with pride and gusto at Stadiums more so when the team was winnning but 10 decibels louder when our Agong came in the rain and sat at Stadium Merdeka to cheer with the rakyat.

6. We obeyed the law, respected the Police and was fiercely patriotic especially against our brothers in Singapore!

7. Our children schooled together, games together, ate together and kept friendship bonds thru many school reunions , hari raya's, Chinese new year, deepavali and Xmas... yummy food..

8.We knew our friends mothers, family and ran away when we saw their fathers come home...

9. We had a Malaysia Bersatu, where is it now...?

10. we all know the answer, corruption, racial emotions, party politics, bad governance from all leaders and authorities, a lack of concern for the man on the street despite all the drama and hype on TV and papers but yet NO actual genuine concern. They called it photo opportunity or party gimmick to please the crowd.

11. Wahai leaders, are you listening? Pray tell me then, do you knnow the price of a kilo of rice, of red chili, of ikan kembong or jenahak? When was the last time dear YAB/TB did you drive personally to fill up petrol or buy gardenia bread froma 7-11?

12. Go back to rukun negara, barisan kita and you will find Malaysia Kita again.

Juswan Justis


Tabik Mr.Juswan Justis,where ever you are sir.

Penghormatan Bukan Dipaksa.

'Listen a hundred times; ponder a thousand times; speak once.'

'Its the man and not the rank'.

Indeed,why dont we go back to the times when each and everyone of us Malaysian donate $1 each to watch the Football World Cup live during the early 80's?

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