Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Journey of Brother and Sister Part 1

Women of Substance by Barbara Taylor Bradford.It was a while back I read this emotional classic.A poor country girl,unfortunate circumstances fleed to big city London and make it good.
I am not a book reviewer neither my intention to write a sinopsis about the novel or films.Yes,it was also a hit tv series.Worth checking it out.I am sure a few pearl drops would do us good.

My,thought came running on Emma,the main character in the Jane Austen classic,
the 18th.centuary romantic novelist of the 'Pride and Prejudis' and 'Emma'.Those two classic would be a must in-cart for those into the literature.

Co-incidently the name reminds me of my youngest sister Emma in the land of white Dove.She's my most loveable sister of the two other sister of mine.
Her journey to London,England begins way back in 1983 in the pretext of studying.Study she did.I was still at my 2nd.year in the Poly then,we took the flight together on Thai Airways via Bangkok transiting.

Within a nick of a time,believe me we almost missed the flight,while in transitting .

Here's the story.

It was Emma's maiden,flight to anywhere.It was the furthest she's been,from a sleepy hollow Malacca.

At Subang International Airport,I met a dear friend of mine Zaini,she's was based in Bangkok,a stewardess with The Royal Saudi Airline.
She invited us to her apartment in down town Bangkok,knowing we has a few couple of hours before taking the connecting flight to London,Heathrow.

Zaini,gave us a good meal and a proper scrub on my hair by a Malaysian hair sylist in Bangkok.Talking about hair ,you bet mine that scruffy and weird long.Zaini insist that I had my hair cut.I obliged to her request.The visit to the saloon does do me an instant reformation.

Thanks Zai!!!I remember and cherish that!!
She send us back to the airport on time and I still have an hour or so before depart.I check in straight away and linger around at the transit lounge together with Emma.
I was so careless for not being prompt on the time,coz'at that particular era I do not own a watch.Well,it was not hip to wear a wrist watch,such was a hippy altitude then.

I was so into linggering at the transit lounge,I didn't notice or hear,our names was call out on the public announcement.It was merely 5 minutes before the flight take off,then I realised we had missed the flight.
We straight away dash to the entrance gate to catch the flight.
Mind you,the airport in the 80's were still in it manual stage.
One has to embark on the runways,a bus would take us to the desginate plane,but mine,I was so sure the plane to Heathrow was the one I saw at the entrance were already moving.
We make a dash to the runway.Me waving and screaming like a damm fool!!to the flight captain,I could see the captains cockpit from a distance,begging him to stop the plane.

One kind hearted ground staff,managed to radio the captain and after a few interception the moving plane,stilt for us.We board the plane in split second.
When we board the whole passenger in the plane did that stared look on both of us,probably,questioning mentally,how on earth those two 'wogs' managed to board the plane?

It was a smooth ride after the incident but upon safely arrived at Heathrow after the back breaking journey and another incident at the Immigration counter.!!

Indeed,it was the begining of a journey on the road of no return....!!

Pak Tuo


[danial][ma] said...

hej! Pak Tuo...thought there was a direct flight from Subang to London during that time...

Adam said...

Yes Danial,there was and still is,but MAS was way too expensive for us poor student.Thai Air fare was then the cheapest 350 quid round trip.I have to slog in summmer for the fares.
Aerofloat(then the USSR airways)was cheap too but flying via Moscow in winter lot depends on the Russian weather.
Neitherless,plane is only to get us from point A to B.
Later perhaps I script my walking home trip London-Kuala Lumpur by foot,taking the conncecting flight via Istambul-Karachi.However...

Thanks for the visit my man.

Anonymous said...

balik la ibu... dok negeri omputih lama2 pun xbest...sejuk2 sgt xbest.. =)

Pak Tuo said...

Dear Anon,

Thank You for your concerned.
It's a family affair.