Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Mestro in Town !!!!!

UP-DATES 15/4/08
Just on of my lucky days.Went to Istana Budaya this morning for advance reservation on the Saturday show.
Yeap,5 tickets in a row,all in the family.
Out of the blues this CRV Honda park next to mine.I was already at the steps of the main entrance,come a convoy of an elderly with 3 other assistance.I look sharp at the elderly,yeap its him the Mestro.I have him all to myself for a few minutes chating along the steps of the main entrance.
After salam sembah,to Mestro,he gave me two peeek of kisses on the cheek,left and right.

wooops....what a day.My lucky pebbles I supposed.
Mestro must be about 80 now.Did asked him about Mohammad Riskki,the one on vocal in in cd's Shalawat Nabi,weather he is accompanying him.
No acording to him and he told me he meet Mohammad Riskki at a pesentran while he is having a quite comtemplation in life journey and couch him througout for the album.I asked about the Keroncong Mestro Pak Gersang,he smile away.
Of all day I was not able to take a shot coz' I didn't bring along either my digital camera or the hand phone camera either.
I reckon God wants us to meet that way,not the normal fan meeting but a meeting of mind between a respectable murshid and a murid.
God all Knowing.


Yeap....el Mestro Pak Idris Sardi in town.
Link here
It been a long time since I last seen him played.It was way back in 1972,on the Proclamation of City of Kuala Lumpur at Panggung Anniversary Lake Garden.
The Mayor then was allahyarham Tan Sri Yackob Latif if I am not mistaken.
Man...!!!I was amased by the playing then.
'Mawar Berduri' and 'Seroja' among the hits those days.

As they say 'old vintage wine' still the best
Am able to pick up violin and able to tune in a few folks songs myself.
Its my third instrument after ,cak-cuk,mandolin,harmonic harp and blues harp,gambus(oud),dendang Jawa and off course the guitar.
Would love to see Emilia Contessa on stage again with him and Pak Idris on keroncong scale.
His latest with Muhammad Riski on vocal tittle 'Idris Sardi dan Jakarta Philhamonic Orkestra Dengan Muhammad Riski' is a 5 star rating.
It put ours to shame.Done by local,arranged by local and played by local.
No need the 'Conductor Orang Bulek Dong?'orang kita bisa!
No wonder the 'Rasa Sayang' issue was swept under the carpet.

Originality and feel mamat!!!!!!!!!
Looking forward for the show,really on Satuardy.

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