Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Call Me Otie ......if you want

This oldies reminds me of Cathay cinema next to the historic Malacca River.
Big colourful poster and long queue if the film played a box office.
Its adds to the growing up moment for boys and gals plus also grandpa and ma too.

Casablanca was a hit in the early black and white era.
In the early 70's it was shown as cheap matinee at Cathay.
It only cost me 25 cents and no queing hussle.
The Saturday matinee early morning show.
It turn me into into a freaky fan of Humprey Borgart,Warren Betty,Ingrid Bergman,Frank Sinatra,James Dean,the beautiful Italian Queen of films Sopiah Loren hmmm.....mama mia tu solamente belissimo amore.

Yes,'Rebel without A Cause', played by James Dean and Mylyne Monroe (the sexy looking trying to be actress) but a definate can't beat my beauty Sophia Loren.
It was also shown on Sat cheap matinee at Cathay.
Surprise,surprise it was a smashing hit in the U.States.For film critique its the beginning of a new gendre in films making.Very much influence by Jack Kerouch novel 'On the Road' and 'Buddah Bums'

However I enjoyed 'SiButa dari Gua Hantu'too.Played by Farok Aferoo.
Played at Sevoy cinema.The 3rd.rated cinema in town.
Now it a run down,so do good ole' Cathy,Rex,Odean and Capitol cinema.

Why built new one when the old structure is still solid?
With major restoration and perservation added new sonar sensesound and acoustic proffing it could turn in a modern cinema plax with mini theather hub for culture activities.
I was at the Dewan Hand Tuah a while back.It is in a sad stage.I remember seeing Jeffry Din and A.Ramlee in 1966 at the dewan.Yeap,the 'A Go-Go' era.

I am sure with major overhaul and restoration it could be like any 1st class auditorium but nothing like Syney Opera House or Tate Art Gallery.
Why turn it in a haunting ground for mosquitos to breed.
The riverwalk is right across and a beaut.

Malaccan!!!!! are you all up to the level????

Yes,back to the story board.
The mean looking guy,Farok Afero was a hit to me.
To me he represent me.
The mean looking guy.
Nobody love baddies even with a golden heart.
Heros must always be rich,handsome,drives a fast car not forgetting beautiful gals.I reckon James Bond set the precedent and baddies on the big bike and sleeky.Very mucy influence by Clint Eastwood 'Hell Angles'
How come? Sadly that how film producer dictates the filming world.Bollywood or Hollywood prime motivator.Image sells.
Hero wins no matter how.

Try watching him playing as dad in 'Achirnya Sebuah Impian'(notice the spelling diffrence) now it 'Akhir' but with Javaness enscript consonant will always begins with the alphabet D.
My ayah signitory till today begins with D followed by Jalius thus make it Djalius.Llloyds begins with D'Llloyds and so on.

Anyway,back to the film,the mean father played by Farok Aferoo and Brorey Marantika his son and the poor gal next door,Emilia Contessa,was hit and runs which causes her blind,ending the rich guy falling in love to a poor gal.
The angry dad,Farok,mad at his son on the freaky accident and the punchline goes like this

'sialan... anak-anak sekarang bawa mobil gila-gilan,gampangan,tidak fikir akan keselamatan siapa dijalanan.
Apa lu fikir itu jalan lu sembarangan!

The dramatic impact on the intonation used was superb.
Bung Yamin (Benyamin S)the pacifier ,who could forget his witty hillarious punchline.
Something like 'Benny Hill Show' or 'Two Ronnies' a comedy sit-com.

hmmm... jolly good humour and jolly good days too.
Good old films.

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