Thursday, June 28, 2007

When 'Botak' came To Town - He's our New Kid In Town

Another witty observation by our Prof.Azmi San.Dankesen Prof.I bust out loud to myself at the library today reading about it.

Intellegent and sharp observation and a good read too.

How I wish I still have the bold head photos taken when I was still in my greens.

How reversed the situation now as compare to before.

Here's my story,back then either one is into the John Lennon camp or the John Denver clan.

Either way,the schools disciplinary board would have a say on your look.

Any thing goes below collar by an inch, one firstly would land a good whacking 3 either from Mr.Kumaradass or Mr.Teja Singh,makes no diffrent,later a good imprompto hair cut at the pleasure His Honorable Displinary Master.

That's the end of your weekend dating with the MGHS gals.Reasons is 'Malu Nak Keluar'.

However,mine was vice versa.

I was naught but not to the highest level of blood sucking devil.

On the whole,got beating here and there which is part of school boys diaries, I suppose.

There was one year where I decided to go serious on my studies.
The crucial year of public examination LCE.

Thus, approx.6 months before the exam I decided to bold my head,hoping that I could stay put on my study tables and concentrate on the exam totally.

Hopefully with LCE's flying colors I would be selected to one of the prestige colleges ie.RMC,wow what a wishful thinking that particular point in time.

However,I did not realised there was a student protest on the Elective Student Council General Meeting,at the very same day when I decided to have my new look.

We were the lower sec.thus only the upper Sec. was entittle to the democratic process of electing new Student Council.That was I first experience of true democratic in Malaysia.

From what info I gathered,there was these two rival groups persuing their nominated members to the council.The meeting ends up with bad mouth bashing as usual and chairs rocking and stink bombing.

The defeating team supporters as far I could remember was the Grand Funk Rail Roads guys.Being losers they decided to protest for the conduct and the irregularity of the ballot which took place.

The whole troops of boys decided to bald their head as sign of protest.

All I could remember,the next following morning,I was march together with the uppers Sec.guys labels as the 'Botak Gang' gets the best 3 in the assembly and being accused of being memebrs of the 'Lrg.Panjang notorious Gangs togethers with some of the seniors whom I don't even know their names till now.

Me the only lower sec.guy with bold head was charge for being the recruiter for would be future gang members.

Poor me,wrong timing trying be smart.
Who says there is Justice in this world?

Its whole truth noting but the truth

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