Thursday, June 07, 2007

Good Bye Aimi Ku Sayang...God Be with You Insyallah

It's nice to see a child turn to be a pretty young lady.

Aimi left for Melbourne,Australia today at 9.30pm MAS flight.She's a daughter to me though I am only an uncle to her.

I am sought of bouncer to her and Nana her younger sister.

Guarding and motivating since they were a child.I could say they were our pride and joy.

Did pretty well during last SPM exam with 7 A1 and 2 A2's.The result if it were during my time would be a definate on any JPA'S overseas scholarship's list but sad to say now,with the overboard straight A's it's impossible even to apply for one.

I for one have nothing against straight A's,but a little overboard of ossession of A's is a bit worrying coz' it has multiple effect on child phsyco enviroment.

Aimi will definately get a place at any local Matriculation course of her choise if she decides to do local but she has set her mind to go overseas.

Me since I myself study abroad encourage it,firstly it was overseas which broaden our horizen and 2nly.self development and self confidence in leading a life in the future.

Paper qualification are ample any where, but one's out look in life are rather differs if we are sheltered at home.

Those are the essential element in fighting sprites in life.

We were at first sceptical of any sponsorship offer,knowing fully well the competition is,but one good samaritan offers a full fledge sponsorship right till graduation.I would call it golden opportunities of the life time.
Allah bless the golden heart.Allah gives what he wishes to anyone deserve.

Aimi's deserve to be among the bright young generation of scholars.

Be well my 'mon petit la'per (French).God protects you and our love to you remains the same.

We are proud of you Dato and Datin,May Allah bestows rightoues to you and family.Amin


ruby ahmad said...

Hi Pak Tuo,

How are you? Thanks so much for hopping over my blog the other day.

Congrats to Aimi. You are such a wonderful uncle indeed. I agree it is when I went overseas that my horizons broadened and it changed my outlook in life. I believe it would do Aimi a lot of good.

Pak Tuo said...

Hi Ruby,

Thanks luv,indeed time is precious and its lovely to hear from you.


ruby ahmad said...

Hi Pak Tuo,

Apa khabar? Saja dropped by to say hello.