Saturday, May 26, 2007

Model Malaysia - Pre Malaya

I enjoy biography,and most of my collection remain in dust are of autobiograpies.
The last auto bio I read was 'Bandit Queen'.The real life story of cult hillanders robbers cum if I may call Robin Hood of Rajastan finally turn a Member of Parliament.

Could it be such a situation happen in Malaysia?
After all it the peoples voice and majority wins or could it be a day day when 'Mak Nyah' of Bukit Bintang or a former GRO decides later in life decides to stand for election to be a member of Parliament.

I could imagine the headline reads out load......'No to Mak Nyah' we do have an integrity system in Parliament or the news would be written bold..........
'Jangan mencemarkan kehormatan Parliament kita dengan Kebebasan berparliament ala Barat'... or let say the Mak Nyah or the GRO insist and won the local election.We do have a remedy to it,its call 'Quo Warranto' an order by the court enforce that the person sitting in Public Office be it an MP,Local Councillor or any public servant unfit to hold the job,based on pettion.

Hang on,doesn't we are subject to rule of law and rule by law too?
If the Mak Nyah wins by majority doesn't he/she qualifies to be the MP?
After all he/she is capable as any other qualified MP's or assuming he/she is above average inteligent,witty and hard working and understood the problematic areas he/she has to assign to?

Or....... if I may think of an alernative answer.."IS A NO..NO...IN MALAYSIA'

Its mind boggeling to live in space of a first class infracture but a 3 class mentality society I suppose.

I posed a question to my 14 years old daughter, Nana, the other day,are we ready to have a women Prime Minister here?

.......the answer remains blank............

Lets hope that the RMC opens it door to girls for a start.
Even West Point Militery Acedemy has open it door to Womens Cadet,why don't we open RMC to girls or start a Royal Girls Militery College to compete with TKC?
They could turn to be a good Tun Ftimah I supposed or another Dang Annum cum militery strategies.

Or lets have the first Women Mayor For Wilayah Persekutuan for a start.

Thought provoking isn't it..............?

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ruby ahmad said...

Salam Pak Tuo,

Nice to hear from you again.

To me, anyone can be Prime Minister, man or woman., for as long as the individual can deliver, for as long as the individual has got what it takes.

It is about the skill, the talent, the knowledge and not the gender. My take Pak Tuo. Keep well.