Monday, February 26, 2007

Careful and Beware Boys and Girls !!!!!! last a bit for news for the boys and girls,particular the 'Sick Old Man',Beware !!
I came across an intresting article here's the link,it really shocking some sicko would do such a thing.

Least in my thought of such a demour character ones have but boys and girls beware.Here this is the present senario here locally,


1.A boy falls madlly in love with a girl.

2.They make love thus,

3.9 months later undue and unexpected event happens.The girl got the delivery sign.

4.Panic and not knowing what to do,she wrap the newly born baby in Double-A card box and dump the newly born wee lad at some corner of bus stop.The newly born wee lad died of exhausation, hunger and weather exposure.


1.Is he and she guilty?
well... know doubt about it.The Penal code Sect.299/300 murder appllies but.....

2.the degree of blame would fall to whom? Boy or girl?

3.well lets put the balance of blame level,

as for sentencing Sect.302 of the Penal Code means death by hanging for the offence of murder but as a thought provoking question .....

-'should we or could we sentence a 20 years old Gals and guys or younger to the gallows as statistic states the numbers of unwanted babies born normally come from that age group is dvastating.'

-First offender and naive for not knowing what that little word, 'I love you ' really meant.
-Is it a public policy to protect the offended young turks from the gallows?
and mind you the files is piling up.............!!!!!
Protect Our Children. Amin
Wallah Wa'llam.


blossom said...


nak salah kan siapa? semua involved salah.. termasuk orang2 around them..

Pak Tuo said...

Salam Blossom, no answer to that.AG chamber pun menglabah nak sort it out.Conflict of x-CULTURE plus many more problematic question arise on the status of the newly born lad.
Dari segi nasap and identity as a citizen.
Not mentioning the life he/she has to go through.

Wa'allah Wa'alam Dik.Tiada kesudahan nya