Saturday, September 02, 2006

Help Our Local Bomoh..........!!!!!!

hmmmm...another budget day right after Merdeka Day?

What in store lah PM?
Dah tersurat dah..........
This is a truth about life in the hustling buzzzzing city.
A bore Laywer cum Financial Consultant cum Software Consultant,name it he does it decided to open up a new joint call after the unpredicted the socio economic climate lately

This guy trying to make a decent living out of it and I envy him for being brave and stood up the fight.Imagine having to face the world with old ties whom are rather doing well in the social ladder.
Bravo man.

Check it up bloggers.This joint is a must.
All I can say after Merdeka stop bragging,complaining and work we do.

Please help by helping yourself.

Thus, probably you could become like

Happy Hunting.
Help Our Local Bomoh !!!!!

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