Saturday, September 02, 2006

Gua Hantam Sama Lu....12 Stupid Comment

I opened my blog yesterday and found twelve comments by very stupid people who were obviously pissed off with the country, the Malays or whatever. I just had to laugh. Whoever it was that intiated this prank was silly enough to air his/her grouses on this blog. He/she cannot be very smart, eh? Does this look like a blog that's politically inclined? I don't think so. Naturally, I deleted all of them. Go play silly buggers elswhere.

What can I say? Some people are just so dumb that it makes us SUFI's look like quantum physicists.

And thanks Esah GRO for your support on this matter. I appreciate your comment on my previous post.

Any nonsense ....gua hentam lu punya belakang!!!!!


Esah GRO said...

Abg Sufi,
You pun kena 12 stupid comments tu ke? Jahat betul dia orang tu, kan?

Betul tu bang, kalau dia orang main-main lagi, abang hantam dia orang satu kali untuk Esah, OK?

Abang betul ke nak I? Apalah ada pada Esah? Nama takde, harta pun kurang! ;-)

Pak Tuo said...

sorrylah esah lambat sikit,buzylah sikit

ialah diorang tu entah apa yang di nak I pun tak tahu