Saturday, March 25, 2006

My Pride and Joy- Mohd Fahmy,Nor Aimi,Andi Afley,Nor Fahzana and Andi Ashley

Hmmm.....The STPM result was announce last week.
Mohd Fahmy my eldest did reasonably well a modest 4A's in all the subject taken,with CGPA of 3.67.

The whole family is rather pleased with his performance.Never expected such an extraordinary result from an average Joe.
Fahmy is an average student ever since he was a young lad.Never show any extra ordinary performance in school but his determination to do well is well noted in the family.
Being the eldest,he showed the examplary to his others in the family what hard work and little play could get by.
His determination to read Law at the best Malaysian Law Faculty ie.UIA beats the odd.
His up right atitude forces me to gives the best to him and stranghten my inner me in believing that all my beloved one could achieve as his brother.

Now this year Aimi your SPM,'A'level at KYS for you if you make it.
Nana a long way its 2 years honey moon for you,but dear you show sign of positive development in inner you.
The most serious of the lot.A little smile won't do any harm.
Afley,your O level result, please.
The Naval Acedemy is waiting for you again.
And my little wonder, Ashley the Music Consortorium is waiting for you.

To all my beloved one this video is for you lot to ponder, how deep my love to all of you.

Watch it and hayatinya.

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