Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Mate Bangkai was Rob !!!!!

My mate Bangkai was rob today at Arab-Malaysian ATM Kelana Jaya.Some Raya's money for his poor schooling children.
Over the phone,he explain 2 Mamat 'ARAB' after giving the salam grap the money while he was about to cash into the machine.

What !!!!!!!!!!!!!! a foreigner and worst an 'ARAB'!!!!!! in the bless month of Ramadan and on the eve of Lailatul Qadar !!!!!!!!!

oiiiiiiiiiii.................you f................king Arabs !!! get out of Malaysia.

Its about time to kick foreigners out of Malaysia !!!! I mean it.
A couple of days ago a few house on my row was rob in broad day light.

'Get the Wogs out of Malaysia' !!!!!!!


Anonymous said...


I guess the catch word is 'redha'. Allah s.w.t. has ordained this and who am I to question His will?

Yes, it doesn't look like its going to be a very good Raya this year. But then again Allah s.w.t. has given me and my family many good Rayas before this; I will not complain (try not to, at least). Maybe He'll give me a good one next year, eh mate!

Anyway, I read somewhere that when Allah takes something away from us, He always replaces it with something better.

Allahu akbar!

Adam said...

Mamak,yes redha.we all redha but something has to be done drastically.
Remember,when your office was rob,and you have to do the police work?Even our establishment whom we need the support does not come handy.
Last week my neighbour house was ran sack.The CCTV clearly shows the culprit,you know what they told the poor guy?
You tangkap sendirilah..hmmmmm..

Arabs or Asian or African or Bangla or Vietcong, too many of them.Go to Petaling Street,Bangla controling the trade at BukitBintang too.Street fighting in the middle of city most weekend.Clan fight Nepalese,Bangla,African,Madura at Kg.Kayu Ara Damansara hmmm....macam-macam hal mamak.

Yes Allah take some,we give some but dont give us headach.
You cant even leave the scallfolding in the compound,wake up in the morning gone missing.even the moonsoon drain trap gone.
Mat Rembatlah,ulatlah,mat rempitlah ditambah lagi all colors skin disguising a visitor or on student visa to M'sia

Sent them home.simple answer.We have enough problems of our own.Berapa penjara nak buat ni?Kan ke cost the rate payers.Contractor sukalah boleh melobi.

Hudud aje lah.

Anonymous said...

Yes, bro! Redha is one thing. But if I ever see the 2 Pak Arab again, I will kill them for the trouble they caused to the people who the money was meant for.