Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yasmin -The Ledgendary Story Teller.Al-Fatiha

It was Nov.2005 when I first starts blogging,after been persuaded by my mate Boe,he was blogging under Ricky's Cafe then.
It was the early blogging era,much to my amusement,the stories written in the blog then,were innocent.
I am not a sopo fan thus,my visit to those sopores are limited.
I dont discuss or rather stayed away from those 'me know all the problems in Malaysia blog' nothing amazed me with what was written on the wall.

It is a fact was my first blog I followed with Boe's persuasion.
Her words were simple.
A very knowledgeable and a profound blog.
It discuss mainly on her work on films and adverts in progress.
She's jotted down to a precise detail,ample enough for a person like me with no knowledge of the film industry to understood its content.

Her blog was a one-stop-centre between her-fans and her co-worker,corresponding via the comment box.
The respond was fast.No twitters what so ever then,but her assistant were there in split second waiting for instruction on the on going projects or witting teaching her films student about the finer points in film making via internetting.

Amazing women,making use the 'know how' technology rather that 'know who',in making quality pictures.
I followed her blog long enough till I managed to get 5 entrance passes on her very first premier and much controversial film'SEPET'.
Ted,one of her pupils managed to pull me through.I pass on the ticket as a marriage present to my nephew Ariff,Lin and both my girls Nana and Aliah.It was before Adam was born.

I was active and a regular to her blog.
You would notice some of my early writing was a reflection of her blog.
Comments made by some, sometime were off the line and sensitive.
Come from a multi ethnic society,the religion issues were at stake but she played her critics down well.
Her films leads to much controversial in a conservertive society of ours,
but I must say ,she's a class of her own.Her message clearly understood.

A pace setter,an inspirational for the new breeds,a phlithropist and a trend setter on her own right.
She's take criticism in strike and able to defence her work inteligently and diligently.There was once I propose to her,

'....mum,you should be a Senator by now,incharge of our Culture and Art Ministry.Your place is at Dewan Negara...'in one of the comment box.
nahhh...she's not instrested.

She was much into her work with passion and articulation.
Be it the PETRONAS Raya's,CNY or Depavali or X'mas advert,she delivered it with perfection and in harmony refelecting the multi ethnic preception of
'what Malaysia is' instead of 'Malaysia where?? !!!!

They didn't teach that in any Malay film production do they?
Love and devotion for Film making - As she once said in her blog in 2006

'we don't need "ART" for a few.
we don't need "Education" for a few.
and we don't need "Freedom" for a few.

True to her words,Art is an Education,art shapes a person inner feeling and art is a social tool to instill love for human mankind as was projected through her work, translating human desire to Love,Peace and Tranquality.

Her messeage was simple ie. ...........BE GOOD HUMAN !!

Moga Allah memberkati usaha mu Yasmin !!.Amin

7 das tembakan ke udara. !!!!!!!!!!!

hormat Panglima.........hormat.



Suara mu merdu,
Creativitas mu anugerah.
Insipirasi segala anak Malaysia.
Kepatriotikkan dan semangat mu yang gitu tak pernah disangkal.
Ilmu mu mendalam.
Fikiran mu terang.
Minda mu cergas
Kebolehan mu tanpa batas.

Kami sedu
Kami kenal siapa kamu
Mata mu sentiasa menunduk tanda merendah
Ayat-ayat cinta mu
tanpa mengira warna,semua hanya hamba allah jua
Kami setia
Kami bangga
Kami meratap kesepian
kami hormat pengorbanan
Kami tatap bingkisan
Pulang mu menemuai Ya-Hakim,
pulang lah dengan aman
moga perjalanan akhir mu disinari zat Ya Haq.
moga 'Loh Mahfus' penyeri pengabadian.


Allahyarhama Yasmin Ahmad


[danial][ma] said...

hej! Pak Tui...we lost a great Yasmin and i think her works were really different from other malay film director/producer, because of her Sepet that change my perspective on Malaysian film and her works were outstanding compare to other local malay movie, but her sudden departure left a void and i don't think there will be oustanding works after her unless the Malaysian film director dare to think out of the box and dare to bring in the diverse Malaysian society into film and not play same old song that centre on malay only...R.I.P. dear Yasmin, a great film activist after P.Ramlee...

Pak Tuo said...


We must remember 70% of Malaysia is rural and Malaysia is not Bangsar Darul Happening.
The determining factor varies. Human preception are shape by the way one was brought up,social surrounding and desire.What motivate us 'the rural boys'then was poverty.
Poverty of knowing,poverty of mind and poverty of needs.
It takes a generation to escape the poverty level and it take another generation to plan and execute whats best.And its takes another generation to fullfill the dreams.
How long does Martin Luther Kings 'dreams'comes to reality before Obama arrive?
I consider ours are much better scale than theirs in terms of time span.
Hope and determine is all we need and no excuses of not able to.

Pak Tuo

[danial][ma] said...

hej! Pak Tuo...well said...;-)

Anonymous said...

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Pak Tuo said...

Thank You Annon,

Feel free to brows through.