Friday, May 09, 2008

The Reasonable Man On Top of The World

I listen and listen and listen again.

Nearest I could get is Andrea Bocelli and I tried everything even to an owl voice.
Try his'Per Amore' ie.My Love.
Manifico con sei.Alfera Deles,per dua soldi,mio pardre compro(Two by two as my father promise).
Lyric from an Italian folk rhythem from the song Topolino ie.The Rat.
Its an Italian expression of full satifaction or content.
We say Alhamdullilah.

As Simon says its 'totaly breeze of fresh air' and ' a little lump of coal that will turn into diamond' and absolutely a big YES.

Yeap he did turn himself into a diamond and am following his development with tense.
Thanks Dato Cpt.Rahim for the eye opener.Indeed never judge the book by its cover.
Another one in my CD's added cart.

Anyway if you in erotic soothting Eastern flavor try Munir Basir

Ex par le vour.

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