Friday, January 04, 2008

Siratul Mustakim via Siratul Rahim

For me,the very least it is one of the most memorial event of the year and a nice a closing chapter for 2007 and of 1428H.

Apart I was once, on the sub-commitee on the street festival where I used to live Westbourne Park Villa No.74 to be precise on the famous for world's festive
"THE NOTTING HILL GATE FESTIVAL' held on every last bank holidays every summer,
I played a small part in the community project group on the 1984 street carnival event.I am sure those into Hugh Grant remember the film 'Notting Hill'together with the pettit and beautiful actress Julia Roberts.That book shop runs by Hugh Grant in that film was only a couple hundreds meters from the flat I was sharing with.The flat he live with that weirdo where it was shoot was my neighbour,when I left in 1986 the door is Greenand in the film it is still a Green door.Right opposite is the famous local joint runs but a Malaysian 'Makan Take-Away"
Yes my friends are all over.Some came and spend the hols with me at home.
I even get wedding invitation as far as Norway and Sweden.
A proper wedding reception.There was once I was invited to wedding reception at the Serpentine,Hyde Park a Lord's I mean an English Lord living next door neighbour to Windsor.Whoooops.......FULL ATTIRE ONLY PLEASED.
My gentry was explicit.I was fummish really after the reception coz' they do not serve 'Nasi Minyak' on an English Wedding Reception.
Straight Jacket Governor!!.It really means 'Trim and Proper'.
There was once I was invited to a dear friends daughter Baptist sort of our 'Bercukur Jambul',my oh my....full metal jacket.
Yes of course," Grand Dad" is 'The Grand Dad Duke of York'
Food glorious food for 24 hrs.
I could hardly had anymore food for a week aftre the event.
Thus,that was part of me growing up 'Learning how to learn'process.

This one was extra special.A simple with no extra pomp-pomp but bless with barakah(Insyallah).
Yes.siratul rahim is the key gate to heaven.
Friends near and far together make it happen
3o years is a long and winding road for most of us.
I jes'couldn't find wordS to describe my feeling.
It is just plutonic.

Thank you, to all Bekas Putra MHS'es old and young.
There is no generation gap.
All are beneath al mighty LAW.
Never be so high,the law is above you.
Be kind to your neighbours.
Be forgiving to your neighbours.
Be humble before your neighbours.

In this urban web-scab,those essential element are almost forgotten.
Why do my children seem to be afraid to play in the feilds again?

'Tepok dada tanyalah selera!'


puteri hang li poh said...


Congratulations on a job well-done (re- the Majlis Korban Old Boys thing). I wish more former teachers would participate. Only met Cikgu Rejab. I also regretted for not being introduced to the present Pengetua or even to your Captain (what's his name).

Nevertheless, good job!

Pak Tuo said...

Salam Cikgu,

so so sorry for not introducing to the current principlr Hj.Abd.Razak Che Ngah and Dato Captain Hj.Rahim Aziz.Captain was the school 1973.I am sure Bro Shau,remembers him.
Alhamdullilah after a long months logistic preparation at the end I fell to my knees thank Allah for the smooth ride on the D'Day.