Saturday, November 03, 2007

How To Fight Corruption -The Sufi Way

Hmmm....too much to write about this days.Name it you find interesting topic for discussion particularly during this festive period,'THE OPEN HOUSE'conversation,
the onlv one made in Malaysia social event.
Name the topic from Child Abuse to Corruption plus our super nation on the merge of super corridor,something to turn our soil fertile again so that as citizens could eat decently and healthy.
Wishfull thinking on the brain of the politician

Corruption the topic of the day..hmmmm...

A a student asked me about the topic sometimes ago 'how to combat it effectively.
I was blank for an answer,couldn't find a decent answer,like any ministers I suppose jes' rambling about the topic which I find it frustrating.
Luckly,my ladyluck was on my side,a lazer sharp answer I could give was..
'asked Parliament to pass a bill to make an offence to both husband and wife.
If one accept and never reported to ACA.
Husband take bribes wife report,if wife take bribes husband report.
Hmmmm..if it unreported both goes to jail.

I asked a budding Datuk,his opinion on the subject matter,
his bold answer I kind of like it,
'let them vommit SHIT'..
So as a lay person all I would or rather could see is 'SHIT VOMITTING' every where.

Thank god,lillah, I have a clean tummy.
The clip will teach us some eating manners.Enjoy it while it last


bangkai said...

Hmmm... if neither the husband nor the wife reports the corruption, how will anybody know? If nobody knows, how do we send the husband and wife to jail for not reporting?

Pak Tuo said...

well...mamak,I suppose living in a urban webscap we could smell what our neighbour's cooking for the day aren't we?
Our neighbours are not blind,what we wear,tear and drive are indication of who we are.
I suppose our pa and ma get edgey when his son or daughter starts driving home a brand new Jag or a Range or scribbing a Mont Blance with only a mere take home pay of a few thousand quid.
Thus,its the 'FAMILY'responsibility.I suppose.